Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Well, Shucky Darn

Great year! They finished third in their division, only 11 games out of first place, and had a longshot chance at the wild card. Most years they are 20-30 games out of first place. (Sarcasm intended)

The only reason I  bother to follow them is I was living in Seattle when they joined the league. For a baseball fix, I took my sons South to the AAA Tacoma games.

My oldest son is autistic, and is a professional dishwasher. He was working at the deli in Larry's Market, on the Eastside. One evening I came in to take him to dinner, and Ken Griffey, Jr. and family passed by shopping.

"Hi, Sean", called out Ken Griffy.

"Hhhii Kken", said Sean. "This is mmy Dad".

I smiled and just said, "Hello". The man was out shopping, after all.

He replied, "You have a nice son".

My reply? "Thank you".

Over dinner, I asked Sean about "Ken".

"Oh, he is a very nice man, and when I take things out his car, he always gives me a nice tip. His wife does, too".

Sean didn't understand what a superstar was. Perhaps Ken Griffey appreciated not dealing with a fawning fan attitude.

Perhaps that encounter is another reason I like the Mariners.

Oh Shucky Darn? A successful race horse at the old Longacres race track.


  1. They are regular people... And Griffey had a rep of being a good guy, not a superstar diva.

    1. Once spent a couple of hours chatting with John Force, the Funny Car Champ. Just a regular guy in that setting.