Wednesday, May 22, 2024

F**ck Joe Biden, but I repeat Myself

Hey Joe, kick rocks

Utah has started, and Wyoming may follow, taking state control of energy production away from the feds. It is complicated, I don’t understand all of it, but heartily approve.


That will ruin more than just your day

Bear Spray

Anthony Fauci is not pleased – face mask edition

Surprisingly, this research is from Jolly Olde England. Face masks don’t work?

Oh, No

He is our homegrown Josef Mengele, along with his co-conspirator, Christine Grady.

Wolves – Not a good idea?

Tisk, tisk

Soon the wolves will turn their attention to feral horses. That will cause a shit storm.

Knees are Kaupt

Recent knee examination showed bone on bone on the inside of both knees. Not a surprise. Replacement at this time is not recommended. Weight loss will help. Steroid shot in each knee for now. Age is bitch. The doctor looks like he just graduated high school.

Damn, I must change my ways

Next year (Jan 1) no more holding a cell phone while driving goes into effect in Colorado. This old geezer will need to read instructions, learn how to use Bluetooth (whatever that is) to link the phone to an earpiece, buy and install a cell phone holder, etc. Yeah, I hear a bunch of you saying, “Oh, poor baby”. I will continue to bitch, regardless of what others may think.


Colorado had a bad hail storm that hit Yuma hard (5/20-5/21) overnight. Golf ball to baseball sized hail stripped vinyl siding off some buildings. Roofs everywhere destroyed. My sister’s sister by another mother lives in the area and is facing challenges.

Korf Motors in Yuma had one new car roof punctured, like shot by a bullet punctured, by hail per one of Sisty’s insurance adjuster friends.

Hail Broke Loose

Democracy is wonderful until it isn’t – Ballot initiatives

Wonderful, until your pet ox is being gored. A long article about efforts to place initiatives into law bypassing the legislative process and having voters decide. This has seen past success in Colorado (wolves, anyone). A recent successful initiative will put a constitutional amendment guarantying a right to abortion on the 2024 ballot.


My last foray into the process was the Weld County, WY effort. That went nowhere.

Shrewd Hire

Deion Sanders, Coach Prime, as head coach of the University of Colorado football team. After many dismal years, all season tickets are sold out for the second year in a row. Sales of sports paraphernalia has soared. Interesting, he isn’t the highest paid coach in Colorado. That is the head coach in Ft Collins at CSU.

Rick George, the Athletic Director, has used all this new revenue to improve facilities for all sports. Lights for the soccer field as an example.

Disclaimer. I’m no CU fan. That said, I admire the way Coach Prime runs his program. He demands high standards in academics and behavior. Several high profile 5 star players have left because of those standards. He hasn’t wavered and I admire him for that.

Plus, my evil heart relishes the angst of the woke (P)regressives that invest Boulder County and CU. A God fearing and preaching black man in their midst who speaks his mind and damn the torpedoes? How do they attack him? How do they bring him back on the plantation? TeeHeeHee!

Oldie but goody

Always like this cover from a Leaning Tree Greeting Card.

Iranian Helicopter crash

Two other helicopters, per reports, were accompanying the bigwigs and didn’t have a problem. Further, it took ground crews to find the crash site. Now, LL may be correct about the Jesus nut. That is the simplest answer (Occam’s razor). All the political intrigue that permeates that part of the world along with the many Mossad successes, will we ever know (or, given the assholes who died, care)?

I feel so protected

My Colorado tax returned showed up in the mail. The accompanying explanation explained their effort to combat fraud. Democrats worried about fraud? Perhaps they are motivated to hang on as long as possible to the $800 TABOR refund every filer is entitled? Nah, couldn’t be that.

 To be clear I’ve loathed this department since 1968 when my wages were attached for taxes levied against my Army earnings even though I spent one day in Colorado after joining.

 As always, YMMV



Old NFO said...

All good ones, except the knee. I literally felt your pain... sigh

Well Seasoned Fool said...

The steroid shots have helped. Today I started water walking and I'm able to stride, not shuffle. Soon I hope to be walking Banner again.

Oldvetnavy said...

Same knee problem. Dr. started me on diclofenac 75mg and voltaren cream. Worked for me.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

So far no meds. I use voltaren. I've found Tylenol cream works a bit better for me.

Salvatore said...

Biden Says, "What Was The Question".

As Biden stumbles through press conference with Kenyan president: He stopped, and stumbled through his papers and remarked. ‘WHAT WAS MY QUESTION?’if that’s not enough to disqualify this man as a supposedly “impartial” moderator of the most important presidential debate since Lincoln-Douglas, Jake Tapper was openly hostile toward anyone who questioned the dubious election results of 2020, refused to report on the Hunter Biden laptop story and compared Trump to Adolf Hitler for his stance on illegal immigration.

“Heck, with That Kind of Resume, We Might as Well Have Jill Biden Moderate the Debate:
The whole poit is how can a Nation like the United States of America have a man who is border-line Dementia possibly due to Alzheimer's, who has no idea what the heck he is doing, or where he is running thi country. Especially at the desperate time this country is in.
How can we allow this Senile Man to have the code to our Nuclear system?
The President of the United States, always accompanied by a military aide carrying a satchel containing nuclear launch codes, has sole authority to order nuclear warfare or respond in kind to such an enemy attack.
Now the Countries top Politicians of the current president’s own party are asking President Joe Biden to surrender that unilateral power

Anonymous said...
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Well Seasoned Fool said...

I don't censor. I do delete comments with no name. Man/woman up!