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Denver’s Ugly Sister, Shoplifters, and Food Deserts

Aurora borders Denver’s east side. It is divided between two counties which complicates many government functions. The current mayor is Mike Coffman, one of a few politicians I admire. This is a recent Falsebook post.

 An Alternative to the Closure of Walmart's Neighborhood Market

Lots of handwringing going on about the upcoming June 7th closure of the Walmart Neighborhood Market, located at 10400 E. Colfax Avenue, in Northwest Aurora.

So-called community activists are complaining that the Walmart Neighborhood Market is the only option in the area and how the surrounding neighborhoods will now become a "food desert" without any fresh food options.

I went up to the area yesterday afternoon and that couldn't be further from the truth. Less than a block away, at 10777 E. Colfax Avenue, is "Lowe's Mercado" which is a much larger, welcoming, and a remarkably clean grocery store.

Lowe's Mercado was originally established to serve the Hispanic immigrant community but has since evolved to welcome everyone with an amazing selection of fresh vegetables, fruits, and meats. All of their signs and advertising are in both Spanish and English.

A key difference between Lowe's Mercado and Walmart's Neighborhood Market is that Walmart has a reputation for being tolerant of shop lifting while Lowe's Mercado's policies don't tolerate it. The difference is probably the biggest reason why Lowe's Mercado can be successful, and Walmart was not, while operating in the same area.

No doubt, there will be individuals who will be negatively impacted by the closure of the Walmart Neighborhood Market at Havana and Colfax, and they will be the shoppers who routinely fill their carts up and walk out of the Walmart store without paying. Good luck trying that at Lowe's Mercado.

In the photo are Lowe's Mercado Store Manager Luis Guereca and Assistant Manager Lupita Pinzon during my visit yesterday.


 If you are arrested for stealing a car in Denver you get released on a personal recognizance bond. Get arrested in Aurora and you go to jail, then bond out on a cash bond. Upon conviction, spend 180 days in jail. The incoming mayor is continuing Mike’s policies. Aurora’s city council was dominated by “wokes”. No longer. Aurora has a large legal immigrant population. Those who have obtained citizenship are not supporting (P)regressives anymore.

 Mike Coffman will make a great addition to President Trump’s Cabinet.


Choose your Petard

There is a current effort to put an initiative on the ballot to ban hunting mountain lions.


 In other news, it seems one of the wolves introduced in the state was killed by a mountain lion.


Exercising Constitutional Rights, Vigorously, Pisses People Off

RINOs are annoyed. A long article about the influence some Deplorables have on public opinion.

Wyoming Politics

This long article is, to me, an example of good journalism all too rare today.

Should Have Used Taylor Swift Singing

Heavy Metal bear deterrent.



From a Falsebook posting.

Lightning struck at a ranch in Jackson County Saturday, killing the rancher and 34 head of cattle. 51-year-old Mike Morgan had just finished branding his cattle and was starting to feed them when the lightning struck and killed him, according to Jackson County Coroner George Crocket.

Crocket said the storm blew in just northwest of Rand, and the lightning knocked 100 head of cattle off their feet, with 34 of them dying.

The call came in to Jackson County dispatch at 2:08 p.m.

Our condolences to the Morgan family.

We are also hearing of ranchers in the area and from neighboring counties gathering to help bury the cattle that died.

In my teens I worked the hay fields within a few miles of where this happened.

My mother was struck twice in her lifetime, likely near miss; not direct hits. Sisty’s American Saddle Bred horse was killed by lightning. He was found dead in a pasture. None of the other horses seemed to be harmed.

A Spot of Clear Thinking

The Law Dog blog author’s post, “Because We Are Here, Lad” is worth your time.

Don’t Be a Dude

Wearing a cowboy hat in the West is a serious matter. Per one ‘expert’.

“Black hats are for villains, white for good guys, grey for people who shoot the train robber but keep the money.”

Cowboy up

Memorial Day

Not a day I spend socializing or doing “things”. To me, a day of reflection. The picture is from today’s Memorial remembrance conducting by American Legion Post 44, Steamboat Springs, CO.

Organized in 1919-20 and named after Leo Hill, the first townsman killed in WWI, it survives. I’ve paid due for many years although never an active member. It clearly shows the schism between the ‘locals’ and the trust fund snots. Not too many trust fund snots present.

That scene was replayed thousands of times across the country.

 For those who might sneer at the gray beards and pot bellies of the honor guard, have no doubt they can still load, maneuver, and smoke your ass. Maybe not for long, but long enough to get the job done.

Chinese Products

When I first moved into my current place five+ years ago I bought two cheap nightlights at the Dollar Store. Other than power outages, they have been burning 24/7/365. While I might like to replace them with something more decorative, I’m too cheap to toss something that is still working.

True Believers

My neighbor down the hall is a fanatical Democrat true believer. A LA Chicano, he and his wife participated in Cesar Chavez’s farm worker marches back in the day. He is a retired high school principal. There is no dialogue with the man. Any opposing views he shouts down. What amazes me is he won’t accept any criticism  of Biden. Scary, an educated person who ignores reality. I asked him, “Do you have more money in your pocket now than three years ago?”  He was emphatic, “Yes”.  I didn’t ask him why his wife is a frequent visitor to our community food sharing table.

Another Good Idea with Evil Potential – SAR


Just because we are paranoid doesn’t mean we don’t have reasons to be.

As Always, YMMV


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