Friday, June 10, 2022

A Non Scientific Economic Indicator


Remember 2008 and the subprime mortgage collapse? RINO George Bush? It was always a bigger tossup, who was worse, him or Carter. Of course, Xiden is clearly the winner now.

One thing I remember from then was yard sales everywhere. People were desperate to raise some cash.

I lost my financial ass that year because the car biz tanked. Even people with 720 scores, long time on the job, and homeowners with decent down payments were turned down.

 Falling back on earlier construction and construction management skills, I recouped by securing foreclosed houses, making reports and taking pictures, rekeying, and turning utilities off. Sad work, but it paid the bills.

I see the same conditions repeating compounded by the Xiden Abomination’s seeming to not be able to fill any administration jobs with competent people. Ideology doesn’t equal ability.

Like him or hate him, Trump appointed competent people and didn’t hesitate to fire those who didn’t get the job done.

Veterans Administration

Supply train issues.

To continue access to VA services I must have an annual exam by my designated primary care physician. That happened yesterday at the brand new Loveland, CO facility.

This huge building currently has just three physicians working there. The VA can’t get the necessary furniture, etc., to fully open the place. Even blood drawing must still be done at the old crowded clinic a few miles away.

My visit went well. The only issue was my own mask. I had to wear one of their supplied paper masks. More minute plastic particles to lodge in my lungs forever. Oh well, at my age I probably won’t live long enough to develop today’s version of black lung disease.

A serious issue the local VA is facing is replacing doctors, especially specialists, when they retire. A Urologists, for example.

Sad Sights

My part time gig as a “debt collector” (which I am, legally) involves delivering dun letters to people behind on their mortgages. I rarely think about a call after doing the report but from time to time one will stick in my mind.

Earlier this week I went to an address in Boulder County I’ve been to before. This place could well be a million dollar property. Secluded, down a ¼ mile private road, it is a two story brick with a three car attached garage. Two expensive vehicles are parked outside the garages. None of the property is being maintained. The owner, a woman probably in her sixties, opened the door but kept the storm door closed. She opened it a crack to accept the letter. Through the glass storm door I could see into the interior. It was filthy. All of that went into my report. Oh well, not my circus and definitely not my monkeys.

I may soon be up to my ass in assignments with the economy going sour. I hope not; I don’t want to work that hard in my dotage.


Now Xiden has used his assumed Executive order power directing the Department of Energy to expedite “renewable” energy as a national emergency. The (P)regressives are seeing the approaching mid terms, and voter anger, to end of their rampage come January 2023. Why they worry I don’t understand. I give the chance of honest elections across the country as being slim to none with Slim off “consulting” in Ukraine.

They know it will take years for their unlawful dictates to be thrown out of court and want everything in place now.

Colorado Primary Election

We are a mail in ballot state. As an Independent, I receive both a Democrat and a GOP ballot but can only return one. Return two and both are disallowed.

The (P)regressives have a firm hold on who is nominated. Only one contested race on their ballot (who really cares about a CU Regent?). This saves all their campaign money for the General.

With the census giving Colorado a new congressional seat, the GOP side is being hotly contested. The circled candidate, Sister Kink, I once supervised. One person close to me calls her insane Saine. Just last election she was elected County Commissioner.

The loyal opposition country club RINOs are well represented on the ballot along with one or two worthwhile candidates.

After the Primary, the GOP will form their traditional circle firing squad and squabble enough to insure the (P)regressives win.

I may be wrong (often am). For the first time I’m hearing the Abuelas, who have voted Democrat since forever, muttering about time for a change. Interesting, no?

Oh, Shucky Darn III

It is slowly being rebuilt. This time there is a lot of bracing until the concrete fill.


A favorite place with an acre to roam. Since I know the park employees don’t spray any chemicals I let him eat grass.


Squabbles soon to follow when the plantings mature just like last year.

I don’t get involved.



drjim said...

Astute observations, as usual. Haven't seen too many yard sale signs in this neighborhood, but I've noticed several "Estate Sale" signs this Summer. Whether it's the graying of the neighborhood, or the sellers looking to attract a better clientele, is undecided.

I heard they were opening a new and improved VA facility in Loveland. I would think good, clean, used furniture would suffice. Doesn't the GSA provide that stuff? Time was, lots of new government offices would get slightly used stuff from the GSA.

Sad to hear another Story From The Field about the Boulder property. Was it a fairly new home?

Got our primary ballot a day or two ago. The only two I haven't decided on are the Secretary of State, and the Larimer County Sheriff.

Banner looks like he's enjoying himself. Pebbles has a blast at the Spring Creek Dog Park at the end of Horsetooth Road.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Thank you for the compliments. The Boulder home I would say was built before 1975. The workmanship has held up over the years and the skills needed no longer are common.

Old NFO said...

Interesting 'look' into Colorado pols... And the VA everywhere is hurting. sigh...

drjim said...

....the skills needed no longer are common.

I'm guessing lots of custom stone work. I've seen some homes out here that are spectacular. Makes Kalifornia homes look cheesy!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Admittedly I have a hard on for the VA. That said, I think the local staff is trying.

Nothing special about this place other than everything was done right and endures. Colorado had a lot of emigrants with old world trade skills. Fr example, my ex-wife's father was the first to build clear span grocery stores for Safeway in the 1960's. He was a Norwegian carpenter.

LSP said...

There's a lot to conjure with in this post, not least the bipartisan kleptocracy which, ahem, runs the country.

At some point, maybe soon, no amount of agitprop will be able to force the narrative. A bit like the Ukraine, perhaps. Then people will be seriously annoyed, and I'm being polite.

Gas here's about to hit 5 bucks, in TEXAS. Wow.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

$5 a gallon in the state that produces 20% of the nation's oil. Not to mention refineries.

Texas (47 operating refineries), Louisiana (19), and California (18). As of January 2015, these three states contain 45% of all US refineries and 59% of all US refining capacity.

Old data to be sure but have the numbers really changed?

LSP said...

Good question, WSF, I don't think so... but I'm no expert, tbh. Fact is, this is stupid expense for a car/truck economy. Much higher and there's... trouble.

drjim said...

And the Cheyenne Refinery, with a capacity of 350.00/barrels-per-day, has been shut done, and is converting to produce "Renewable Diesel", Whatever TF that is.....

Well Seasoned Fool said...

The trouble is already here and, IMO, is going to be far worse down the line.

That news got by me somehow. What next? Sinclair, WY?