Monday, May 23, 2022

Work, Kinda Sorta

A business assignment took me to Bayard, NE today. Bayard was the hometown of my late brother-in-law. The Panhandle was rainy today and lots of green showing in the fields but the North Platte  River wasn’t flowing bank to bank.

Almost all of the storefronts in Bayard are empty. The only grocery store is a Dollar General. 15 miles away in Bridgeport, population 1,500+, nearly all the storefront have businesses. Why one town dies and another nearby thrives escapes me. Maybe because of the BNSF railroad?

Near Bayard is a landmark used by the pioneers, Chimney Rock.


Whenever possible, I avoid the Interstates, especially I-80. Two trucks, both speed limited, but not matching speeds, with the faster by 2 mph passing the slower. These two ran side by side for three miles.

A Facebook Group, “Old, Abandoned and Interesting Places – Colorado” gets the occasional photo from me. I’m not sure just which of these I will post. Any suggestions? Near Weld County Road 79 and on Weld County Road 120. 

Like wide open spaces? This is looking eastward from the driveway.

Briggsdale, CO

On Highway 14 there is a sign, “Next gasoline 60 miles”. Nearby by is a gas station/convenience store that serves some of the best hot sandwiches you will find. The Jersey barriers are used by some to convey political views. The evidence is not in favor of snowflakes.

So much for my mundane life.


Ami said...

1st photo is my personal favorite.

I spend 2 hours a day on the freeways. Mostly very early AM before it's packed and usually it's not too bad after 6 PM which is when I head home. But I'm really, really tired of it.

Wish I had a scenic route to take, but all I get to see are tent cities and construction zones.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Portland one was one of my favorite cities. What is has become makes me sad.

LSP said...

Not mundane at all, you're right out there. And it's weird how one town can prosper and another utterly not within the space of say 20 miles. I see it here. And what great photos, I love exploring those places. Be careful of snakes though...

Well Seasoned Fool said...

We don't have snakes like Texas. A few rattlesnakes and they seldom get very big.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Old NFO commented on "Work, Kinda Sorta"
19 hours ago
I like the 1st one too!

Don't know why your comments don't show up on the blog.

Pictures. That one is now on Falsebook.