Thursday, November 18, 2021

A Reach? Maybe.

An observation by a retired surgical nurse, militantly anti COVID vaccination, and neighbor started me thinking about side effects not recognized. Is depression a long term side effect?

Our building has 90 apartments. Other than the maintenance man (no spring chicken) everyone is over 62. Most are over 70. Many are dependent on public transportation since they no longer can drive. Many get few visitors. During the overdone COVID restrictions our common areas were closed and little interaction with neighbors was allowed. Many residents became deeply depressed and withdrawn.

Banner the beast became the Ambassador of Smiles as some residents would perk up and break out in smiles as they petted him. One day I kept score and 17 different people petted him. Banner graciously allowed them some of his time (mine didn’t count).

The building is now back to a pre COVID state physically but not socially. The three public computers are seldom used. The great room with fireplace and big screen television stays empty unless the Broncos are playing. Even then only a few are watching.

What is back and larger than ever are jigsaw puzzles with as many as six at a time being worked. Still, only half dozen residents are doing them. The Coven is playing their dice game most afternoon but they seldom have enough players. In the past there would be two games going at once.

My neighbor is convinced COVID shots cause long term depression and lack of motivation. At least within our building, that seems to be true.

I’m not around younger people as much as before so cannot say if they are acting the same. I do see little “spark” among people when I’m shopping but that may be a sign of our current national funk.

Our building has, on average, one to two deaths a month. Not surprising with so many seniors with health problems. Do they die from COVID? More likely, existing conditions that may have been worsened by COVID was the reason. Or, regular seasonal flu which isn’t getting much notice now.

If my neighbor is correct that side effect won’t be mentioned by our corrupt, at all levels, institutions, IMO.

As always, YMMV



drjim said...

I think the whole lock-down mentality took a huge toll on older folks. The youngsters have their phones and things to keep them occupied, but us older people rely more on direct social contact. When we get isolated, we tend to feel "down", and miss our friends in a way the an electronic device can't overcome.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Age most certainly has an impact. My neighbor's point, which I didn't explain well, is that she thinks there is something in the vaccine that causes personality changes. Makes people more docile.

drjim said...

Well, we know it's not a traditional "vaccine", but something else. Whether it has a "calming" effect on people is something I can't comment on due to a lack of knowledge.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

She was making an educated guess. Only the developers know for certain.

Old NFO said...

Enforced isolation WILL cause depression in anyone. And a year of it? Lack of human companionship, the inability to see/hug family, and the 'pressures' to comply are probably the real drivers. These will cause people to give up. Sigh...

Greybeard said...

How long before the suicide numbers can be counted?
And I always think about Thalidomide and the unforeseen long-term effects caused by introducing chemicals into our bodies.
I got the J&J shot because we had to have it to go on our cruise. I'll not be taking another.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

All valid points.

Forced compliance goes against every principal this country should stand for. An honest approach by the powers that be would result in majority compliance, IMO.

LSP said...

I got into a fight on the phone with a family friend who worship at the idolatrous altar of the DNC. She told me she "follows the science..." I replied, "No you don't, you follow whatever the Party tells you to think." Well, the line exploded. In the meanwhile, we shut down the country and are busy forcing people to get an experimental vax which doesn't actually stop you getting a disease with a 99.8(?) survival rate.

This is insane. Is your friend right? At this point I'd say all the cards are on the table.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

She and another neighbor are retired nurses. Both are refusing COVID shots. The younger one left her job and was sick for two months from wearing a mask. Both of them are both intelligent and well informed. They must be good people; Banner adores them.