Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Give an Inch

The neighbor ladies asked if they could put up a couple of pictures on my hallway wall a month ago. They were running out of space on their walls.

“No problem”, said I. “Feel free”.

Seems I’m now in the Christmas spirit. I fear this is just the beginning.

There are four floors in this building. Some halls are nearly barren while others are “decorated”. It pleases the ladies to have me be a bit grumpy when in fact I quite enjoy their efforts.


drjim said...

With my son here now, SLW is really into the Christmas Spirit. Besides rewiring the tree, she now wants to put some of those illuminated spiral looking things (aka "trees") in the front yard.

Just happy I have outdoor-rated extension cords, and lots of tape for the plugs to weather proof them!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Once my kids were grown and gone I fell out of the habit. I have a high school friend that would put the Griswalds to shame. Think his ranch was on Jeppesen charts. He gave it up two years ago.

I enjoy watching my neighbors enjoy themselves.