Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Fresh Air

 I live in a small city surrounded by farms, feed lots, and dairy operations. Lots of “country” smells.

 Yesterday called for traveling about thirty miles to see the dentist. Such a great start to the week, no?

 This time of year the farmers are clearing their irrigation ditches of vegetation. The usual way is to burn them. In addition to the usual country smells, we have smoke. On the plus side, the air does clear your sinuses.

 Spring seems to have arrived and the ground vegetation is turning green. The deciduous trees and bushes haven’t leafed out yet which is good; we will probably get at least one more snow storm. Springs snow storms tend to be wet and heavy.

 We’ve seen a few days in the 70°’s and I’m enjoying having the windows open. The downside is the air is “fresh”.


Sisty said...

How I miss burning irrigation ditches every year. One of my favorite springtime chores.

Greybeard said...

Farmers in Spring spreading Cow manure over fields is one of those "fresh" smells that still puts a smile on my face. Similarly, the smell of earth being turned over by the plow is comforting.
Then later- new-mown hay!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

In touch with your inner pyromania?

Once spread I don't mind the smell. I do mind being behind the loaded truck.

Old NFO said...

Ah yes, ditch cleaning... sigh... And it's NOT officially spring in Texas yet, the mesquite hasn't bloomed yet. But the @#$@#% Bradford Pears have, and they are killing any actual producing pears within 20 miles... Grrrr...

drjim said...

Oh, yes, the smells of country life! Reminds me well of growing up in Illinois. SLW and I always joke about it when passing Johnson's Corner on I-25, and the wind is "just right". WELL....we finally found out what type of farm it is when we got detoured around that stretch of I-25 that was closed a while back. It's a gigantic (to me) dairy farm, and the detour took us right between the main house and where the livestock area is. Found out it's the Longmont Dairy Farm. Poor little city-gal wife was turning green by the time we got past it.....

Cold and rainy today, so I couldn't play lumberjack. Dragged all the small cut stuff out to where the tree guy will haul it away for us. Be glad when we're finished.

Ritchie said...

Down south of Denver, when it's cloudy gray and damp in the winter, and the wind is out of the North, I sometimes say, "Smells like snow!"

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Had to Google "Bradford Pears". Does their pollen harm other pear trees?

There are at least seven dairy operations within five miles of Johnson Corner, East, West, and South.

I don't miss all the "joys" of home ownership at my age.

Interesting observation. Thanks for stopping by.

Ami said...

I'm remembering a certain 2nd grader several years ago in the little country school I was working in.

Evidently it was fertilize the garden center day at a couple of the nurseries near our school.

A few kids came in, commenting on how nasty it smelled outside.

Then Jennifer showed up.
She almost never just walks into the room and puts her stuff away. She loves to make an entrance. Her appearance has to be an event. :)

She walked in the back door and paused. When most of the kids were looking at her, she announced dramatically, "It smells like COW maneuvers out there!"

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Somehow I can picture that.