Friday, October 4, 2019


These handmade signs are starting to appear in Weld County, CO. Weld County has over 23,000 wells, most capped. Fracking has greatly expanded the gas and oil production to the point the county ranks #20 in the nation.

In the last election voters overwhelmingly rejected ballot initiatives that would shut down the petroleum industry. The state then went deep blue filling every state cabinet position and, of course, the governor’s office. The (P)regressives achieved a super majority in the House and a majority in the Senate.

The (P)regressives then passed laws that restored the defeated initiatives and Polis gleefully signed them. Each law was deemed and labeled an “emergency”. Under Colorado law, this makes using the courts to oppose and overrule extremely difficult. Neat trick, no?

An emergency would be a pandemic Spanish Flu outbreak.

By using this procedure to shove their agenda up our asses, the (P)regressives placed themselves as tyrants. Like the lair who isn’t believed when being truthful, any (P)regressive initiative will be greeted with skepticism because they have shown themselves untrustworthy.

Is this any different than what we see from the Democrats nationally?


Ami said...

Pretty disgusting.
Makes me sad, Colorado used to be a better place. :(

It's no different than what we see from every fucking politician in the known universe. They're all shitbags, interested only in promoting their own agenda. Getting elected, re-elected and convincing everyone that the other guys are worse. When they're all porking their Cocker spaniels, running over old people in the street and eating the hearts of their enemies.

drjim said...

BRAVO, sir!

That's exactly how I feel.

LL said...

If people of conscience and reason remain silent, then the insane leftists will continue to get their way. To our detriment.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

The internet lets us deplorables highlight what has always gone on with politicians.

Thank you.

I'll keep working on my bunk location.

Old NFO said...

Not in the slightest. They are cutting off their nose to spite their faces, and this ISN'T going to help them next year.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

We can hope!

Beans said...

This is what you get for letting the Commiefornians move to the big cities.

Sorry that's happened to you out there. Totally sucks. My family has a gas and oil well, capped, in Louisiana. We make maybe $500 a year which covers the taxes. Back in the 50's it made $20k a year in 50's money. But enviros and politicos have pretty much shut down that area for petro exploitation. Dammit. I need that money...

But... well... did you see where Trump's Administration opened up oil and gas leases on federal land in California? Muahahahahahahahaha...

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Red Weiss, Maybell, CO (a shirttail relative) had a well on his property. He was an asshole who messed with the oil company at every opportunity. One day he was told, "Mr. Weiss, we are capping that well until your miserable ass dies".