Saturday, January 19, 2019

Pleasant Day

If you need to work on a Saturday, today was about as nice as it gets.

Nice herd of Pronghorns about six miles from Wyoming this morning. Too far away for good pictures. Light traffic on I-25 and even less on US 85.

Breakfast is served.

Nice drive. No significant  traffic. No damn fools. No revenue generators.

We are having a mild winter. The down side of that is scarce water this summer. My route is 418 miles+- and there is not one patch of green.


LL said...

I drove into Flagstaff for supplies. Flagstaff was crowded - lots of traffic - couldn't wait to get the stuff and get out. As with you a pleasant day, but I saw no deer, elk or any of the usual cast of characters.

drjim said...

Yep, a very nice day today.

I went down to "The Ranch" today for the local radio club "Hamfest" which is a swap meet/flea market. I think there were more people there this year, which is good for the club.

And I tried going a different way. I got off the 25 on the 392, and then took So. Co. Rd. 5, which turns into N. Fairgrounds Ave.

That way I didn't have to navigate the damn traffic circles (THREE of those things) at Crossroads Blvd.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

My commute home from the office was the typical crowded US 34 compounded by a lookielou jamb at a minor traffic accident. Made me appreciate the previous 10 hours.

When I have biz in Ft Collins, I sometimes go 287 South to Carpenter Road which is also 392. Only two lanes and curves around a lake with one 4 way stop. Agree with you about the three verdamit traffic circles. If you continue East there are several more.

Old NFO said...

Hmm, you get good weather (but need snow), and Dallas gets snow today...

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Texas needs to keep it's reputation for being Texas, as in never normal.

LSP said...

Glad you had a pleasant drive of it, not bad here either, as I commuted between the missions in this rural Texan wonderland.

But tomorrow I get to drive through the DFW metrosprawl. That's enough to try all but the bravest and I have to say. What are we, here in the great state of Texas, a town or a road, a road or a town? Good question.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Have driven a few times in the DFW area. Did business with a firm in Grande Prairie. Not fun but much better than Atlanta at 5 pm on a Friday or LA anytime.