Thursday, November 3, 2016

Contemplating A Trump Victory

Being a person of low character, a grudge holder, and of asymmetrical compassion, I am enjoying a mental image of what will happen after a Trump victory. Among others.

The angst of Establishment JEB! RINOs as they contemplate eating shit and sucking up.

The 1,000 “lawyers” employed by the Environmental Protection Agency polishing their resumes.

The sick feeling in the guts of (P)regressives as they contemplate the repudiation of their sacred “beliefs” by the majority of their fellow citizens.

The disbelief and denial of the American Mainstream Maggots (h/t BloviatingZeppelin) as they realize their opinion of themselves is greatly exaggerated.

The sick feeling of portfolio managers heavily invested in alternative energy schemes.

The disbelief of the Acela corridor inhabitants in general.

The petty whining of the trust fund babies in denial.

And the list goes on.

Yes, the mean, vicious part of me is hoping for his victory.

What will really happen? Not too much. The inertia is beyond quick changes of direction.
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