Sunday, November 13, 2016

Oh No, No Snow

Once again, Nature shows who is boss. All along the Colorado/New Mexico Rockies there hasn’t been enough snow for the ski resorts to open. A huge negative economic impact for the tourist industry but a boon to commercial travels and truckers.

Last winter snow started early and stayed late. Spring followed with a lot of moisture making the prairies greener than I’ve seen them in many years. Now they are going back to brown.

This time last year my SHTF winter backpack went into the Prius I drive 500 miles a day three days a week each start of shift.This year, other than unpacking it, checking the contents, replacing batteries, etc. it hasn’t been touched.

A mild winter isn’t good news. The areas East and West of the Rockies are high desert. Water is life.

On a personal level I’m enjoying the mild weather. Soon enough I will be driving in Wyoming blizzards.

You take the bad with the good and I do it gladly to live where my roots are.
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