Saturday, November 19, 2016

(P)regressives Freaking

A site I visit (but don’t support financially) is Common Dreams. Like to see what the moonbats are bleating about.

Occasionally there is something there of value but mainly it is a (P)regressive cheerleader that is oh so serious, just ask them.

Today nine out of ten articles are attacks on Trump.

It is getting harder to understand their point of view because they seem to have invented a different vocabulary. What their words mean to them doesn’t mean the same to me.

They should be thanking Trump as they have had trouble raising money to keep their site running. With all the (P)regressives now foaming at the mouth their fund raising should be easier.

Hillary won Colorado. According to the Secretary of State analysis, the largest block of voters were women 40-65. Sorry ladies, unless you find a better candidate, you won’t see a woman President in your lifetime. Next time pick someone who isn’t corrupt to her core, just saying.
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