Monday, November 28, 2016

Pacific 12 Conference

Another post where WSF lets his sarcasm flow. You have been warned.

Another defeat for SJWs (social justice warriors). High on the hate list of SJWs is college football. Why, all that public attention should be focused on them and their causes.

Despite their best efforts, two college football program crippled for years by SJWs are now playing for the Pac-12 Championship.

What happened? Money. College football generates enormous revenues for the institutions. The indentured servants who perform may end up with a mediocre degree, if they don’t suffer permanent physical damage, but cost the institutions a fraction of the revenues generated.  Problem is, the alumni dollars don’t flow if the programs don’t  produce championships, or at least winning seasons.

Hence, the SJWs have reluctantly backed off while still keeping their image intact. No matter how far out in left field a professor might be, they don’t want their paycheck to bounce.
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