Thursday, October 13, 2016

English Country Estates and the USA

Once again WSF is going off the rails. You have been warned.

Some of the audio books I use to stay awake on my three day per week, 500 mile daily drive,  have me thinking about the decline of wealthy English squires, their landed properties, and lands that supported them.

 Huge estates with grandiose manors were reduced to ruins in just a few generations of careless inheritors. They seemed to regard their inheritances as an endless supply of resources to fund their spendthrift lifestyles. After a few generations of recklessness, along with high taxes, they find themselves out in the cold along with their tenant farmers. Surely, during the many years this was going on, numerous people tried to explain to them how this course of action would end.

Yeah, yeah, WSF, what is your point? 

The USA is the estate, and the various (P)gressives and Social Justice Warriors the new squires. The beneficiaries of extensive public educations and often trust funds, these people seem to think their country is a inexhaustible source of funding for their special snowflake schemes. Seemly, no amount of contrary opinion from their fellow citizens is heard.

I see hard times coming.  

ADDENDUM: Traffic shows several visits via Google UK. My apologies to our British cousins if the blog disappointed you.
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