Friday, October 7, 2016

Bronco II Update

Working on cars isn’t my favorite activity. At age 72 it is also painful. This is balanced by my notorious cheapness. That said, the Bronco II needed a master cylinder replaced. Local shop wanted $100+. Simple repair and the auto parts store had one for $32.

First, we have to poor boy/lazy boy bench bleed.

Installed! This is no place for a good tight cross thread. Takes a little fiddling to get the threads lined up.

This always happens when I work on something. Your skin gets thinner with age I’ve been told.

Field expediency bandage.

Bleeder helper.

 The brakes work but the rig will go to a shop next week to have all the old fluid removed. I have a vacuum bleeder but hate crawling around on the pavement. It is worth it to me to take it to someone with a lift. Will probably cost me $50.

The next step is new shocks all around. About $130 for the parts. Know a guy who will do the labor for $20-30.

The old beast runs well, everything works, and the title is in my filing cabinet. Best part is the limited slip rear axle. 4x4 without a limited slip or lock up rear axle will get you well and truly stuck.

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