Saturday, October 8, 2016

Colorado Rail Museum

Visited the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden, CO today. Lots of memories growing up along the Denver and Rio Grande when my father was a section foreman for 10 years.

First hit of nostalgia, the smell of creosoted railroad ties. The second, motorcars that I got to ride on as a kid.

Few things are securely locked and the only guards are volunteers. One can imagine Murphy's Law running amok.

However, one of his relatives must have been visiting.

Admittedly the "Keep" part is hard to read but the "Off" s quite clear.

Rather than clutter the blog, pictures are available on Dropbox.

The various "Galloping Goose" units are no prize for cosmetic construction, just hell for stout, and still usable. Rides were available on one of them today.

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