Sunday, October 2, 2016


Helped a neighbor load an ice chest into her car and we started reminiscing about traveling as kids. She is around my age and was off to visit grandkids.

She remembered water bags instead of ice chests and that started me remembering trips to Arizona with my parents and my mother’s parents around 1952.

We had a 1949 Ford V-8 three speed manual with overdrive. That car would cruise all day long at 80 mph. My Dad would tie two canvas water bags on the front bumper guards. That water would get cool, almost cold, from evaporation and tasted so good on a hot Arizona day. One time one bag slipped and was drug many miles before we stopped. No water from that one. Looking back I realized  Dad was smart to have two water bags along with a  5 gallon Jerry can in the trunk. He respected the desert. Said he remembered training in the Mojave during WWII.

We stayed in motels on these trips but cooked all our meals over an open fire along side the road. You would expect something different from ranch people?

My grandparent sold their ranch outside Saratoga, WY and retired to Cottonwood, AZ.  By that time I was off doing Army stuff so my wee sister had the fun of trips through Moab and Mexican Hat or the Monument Valley to visit them.
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