Sunday, October 23, 2016

First Liar Doesn't Stand A Chance

Lots of jokes about how tough people had it going to school.

“Walked ten miles through the snow, uphill both ways, and into a 90 mph headwind”.

Attended high school in Steamboat Springs, CO. On average Steamboat gets 30 feet of snow each winter. Winters are judged by how many wires on a four strand barb wire fence are covered. A bad winter is when the posts are covered.

Unless there is a cloud cover, temperatures drop to – 20 degrees when the sun goes down. – 50 is not unknown.

Until I was a senior and had a car, it was ¼ of a mile in a rarely plowed lane to the highway where we caught the school bus. As a jock I had to walk home after practice and  a shower. Out of a hot locker room into a sub zero night and a 1.3 mile walk to home. Downhill to the river then along the railroad tracks in the snow between the rails was my quickest way to the ranch chores waiting at home. I made the walk everyday regardless of the temperature or if it was snowing.

Breathing was sometimes difficult in the cold without wrapping a scarf across your face. The hair is your nose froze. Your cheeks went numb. Now 1.3 miles doesn’t sound like much of a distance but I would challenge you to try it in those conditions.

Our school had a dress code where all the females had to wear dresses. Stupid! Most wore some sort of pants to school and changed when they arrived.

Skiing was different as you could dress for the cold. Night skiing on Howelsen Hill was quite popular. Fortifying the hot chocolate with adult beverages was also popular with the adults.

All in all, I prefer the cold to heat and humidity. A summer day in Corpus Christi? No thank you. I’ll take a Wyoming blizzard first.

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