Saturday, March 9, 2013

I'm Perpetually Pissed Off

Doc Bailey, AKA The Mad Medic, posted something today that struck home.

The part that caught my attention:

Tuition Assistance is not just for the troops.  May of the wives would wish to better themselves.  Imagine being stuck on a post in the middle of nowhere (which is where most Army bases are now a days) and having nothing but your husband's paycheck.  You'd probably want to better yourself too.  You could get everything from an AA, BA/BS all the way up to a Masters if you were so inclined.  I say could, because now that the Army has suspended Tuition Assistance, along with the Marine Corps that is very much in doubt.

FDIL (Favorite Daughter in Law) and my youngest son are living in one of the more isolated Army posts in the country. They are 38 miles from the nearest small town and an hour+ drive from a large city. She is always improving her education while raising five kids and dealing with the challenges of being an army wife (deployments, TDY, 48 hour duty shifts, etc). Can’t be easy, but she hasn’t quit.  She may be a dependent, but she isn’t dependent, and is working toward their future.  I’m terrible proud of both of them.

Now for the hypocrisy.

Why am I not surprised?  Politicians have always been willing to sacrifice soldiers and sailors for political ends. I’ve always hoped our country is better than that. Faint hope, to be sure. This crap never ends. As for Micelle Obama, I doubt she gives one half of a rat's ass about military families.

On another note, see more folks are following this blog. Wish I was smart enough to identify you. In any case, welcome, and thank you.


Ami said...

Michelle cares about Michelle.

In this country we treat our military like shit. With a brother in uniform and many family members in the past who wore one, the issue angers me more than Joe Average.

The thing that sucks is, no matter how we yell about it, no matter how pissed off we are... nothing will change.

As long as we have the same fucksticks in charge, things will not change.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

@ Ami. Such restraint, in expressing your opinions! Not that you aren't right.

Old NFO said...

Yep, hitting the ones that CANNOT hit back... Can you imagine if what has been done to the military had been done to welfare??? Simply pathetic is all I can say for this administration!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

@ NFO. Hope I'm wrong, but don't expect it to get better.

Old NFO said...

Nope it won't...

The Mad Medic said...

Unfortunately The view of soldiers as political tools is not unique to one party.

In Truth Soldiers will go a long way before they "just say no". Trying to find just how far they'd go, when geo politics are so unstable seems to me. . . unwise.