Friday, April 20, 2012

This, Also, is The 2nd Amendment

“Can you open the door for me”?, a woman in a motorized wheelchair asked me. Her transporter was inside a MacDonald’s by one of the entry doors. She wasn’t sitting in the chair. Rather, she was lying straight at about a 45 degree angle. Her salt and pepper hair was neatly combed and she was wearing immaculate pressed blue scrubs. She had a blanket around her legs. Peeking out from the blanket was a tea cup Chihuahua. How long had she been waiting for someone to help her? Can you imagine the frustration?

“Certainly, I replied. Which door? Are you sure you have control of that brutal beast”?  Her reply was strained,  her volume low, and I realized she could only speak with great effort. Using her right hand  to manipulate the joy stick, she exited and started across the parking lot.  This woman is helpless. She can’t even cry out for help. Her only protection is a two pound dog. I don’t know what mobility she has in her hands but, if any, she should have something that goes bang for protection. Even a .22 Derringer. Can you imagine the fear she must live with?

Think she could ever qualify for a CCW permit? Range test? Financial cost?

Nearly every politician running for office says, “I support the 2nd Amendment……………but………hunting……common sense………..blah, blah blah.

Kind of like, “Some of my best friends are ………………………


We’re Christians, and ……………………

That woman needs more than the kindness of strangers or a freak’s fear of the judicial system. She won't get it. The smug asshats won't even give the safety of someone like her a passing thought.

MacDonald’s? I use their restrooms and buy a “Senior” cup of coffee. Hope they lose money on the transaction. My preference is for real food.


Old NFO said...

Peter does do training for the disabled, and JP does the same down in Tucson... And their classes are full every time!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

@ NFO I'll ask my niece. She is a LEO, may know.
Seems the further away from the big city, the more sensible the Sheriffs seem to be (with the exception of the asshat in Moffat County.