Sunday, December 18, 2016

Commercial Plug

From a site I subscribe.

I have neither the skill or patience to build models. I greatly admire those who can and enjoy seeing their accomplishments.

For many years Colorado was home to the premier source of all things relating to railroad modeling. Sadly, it was closed.

They have reopened at a new location. Good news for anyone with an interest. 


  1. I have always been completely fascinated with miniature things. Doll houses, model railroads, tiny little toys.
    When our son was small we took him to several different exhibits, visited the Expo center during their model railroad shows... he REALLY wanted to do a railroad. So I shopped and found what I thought was the perfect engine for him and his father (Eric was totally on board with the idea) to put together and start their railroad.
    That was 24 years ago. Engine is still in a box in the bedroom storage cabinets. I really ought to find a model enthusiast to give it to. :)

  2. I envy those who have the time and patience to do those models...

  3. they are fun to watch when you turn them on. Just like men. Wait...where did that come from. I have to retreat back to my closet. Oy

    1. Now, now. Men only have two faults. Everything we say. Everything we do. Since we are going to be dirty bitched anyway, we do as we please.