Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Making Nice

See where Obama is calling for everyone to accept the results of the election blah blah blah.

My cynical and suspicious mind thinks he is laying the ground for a Gerald Ford - Richard Nixon situation. I think we all know some real ugly shit will be coming out from Shillary's emails, the Clinton RICO, and  at what level Obama is involved, just saying.

Nah, couldn't happen.


  1. LOL. You conspiracy theorist you. Love it. I do love the Biden memes, though. I am sure no politician is going to suffer consequences unless they diddle little children. I guess at least they have a line. ;P

    1. Some stuff floating around the Internet about the "Lolita Express" involving both Shillary and Bill with young people.

  2. Politician or businessman, I don't seen anything happening to the Clinton's or Obama. The Clinton's because they are Teflon and know too much on others in DC and Obama because anything aimed at him will result in race-wars and career ending results to the 'racist' DA.

  3. Setting up for a pardon maybe???