Friday, March 1, 2024

Kindness of Strangers - the Dog

 Dog Preparations

Easy prepping for Banner. Neighbors keep stopping by with dog treats. Blasted dog now has at least a two month supply. Last week, bringing a 40 lb bag of dog food past several neighbors gathered in the lobby, I had to stop and answer questions. Finally put an end to the interrogations by saving, “Banner can’t live by treats alone”.

Boondoggle Green Wet Dreams

5280: You’ve studied rail, in all its forms, for most of your adult life. Do you see benefits of high-speed rail in a place like Colorado?

Randal O’Toole: None, really. The benefit is to political egos. That’s it. These are ego projects

Long article Colorado Front Range specific.


Right now Metro Denver light rail is losing money. The only passenger train that breaks even is the weekend Denver-Winter Park Ski Train. The only year around long term financial success is the Pikes Peak Cog Railroad.

Stirring the pot – a favorite pastime

We of the anti (P)regressive political spectrum are derided by the (P)regressives for our resistance to their agenda. The Supreme Court’s Bruen 2nd Amendment decision has the (P)regressives feverishly passing firearm laws that even a non lawyer can see are unconstitutional, all in defiance of the Supreme Court, all the while screaming, “We won’t comply”.

Am I alone in seeing the irony?

Why yes, I’ve always been a malcontent

The A.I.T. Engineer Company we survived circa 1963 had a permanent party SP 4 who enjoyed messing with us trainees. He was among his other duties the Mail Clerk. Towards the end of the cycle we received our orders for our next destination. Said clerk, at Revile, made a speech about how we were to inform all our contacts of our new address. He emphasized he didn’t want to be forwarding our mail; his time was too important!

In the classified ads in some tattered magazine being passed around was an advertisement. For $2.00, they would get your name on 10,000 mailing lists. Two years later I was still getting junk mail forwarded from Ft Leonard Wood. Did I share my idea with others in my platoon? Does a bear………..

Another memory of that time were trainees designated acting NCOs. They wore a blue arm band with chevrons and had to be treated by the rest of us like they were real NCOs. Some let their egos get out of hand, forgetting once the cycle was over they went back to being privates. That was payback time. Were the permanent personnel going to take issue? Hell no! Just ship the malcontents out and let their next duty station deal with them. Army tradition.

In my time in the Green Machine, the only branch to approach engineers in mean, nasty, fuck you behavior were the cannon cockers.

Colorado Wolves

Long article in the Steamboat Springs, CO newspaper reporting a leap year day meeting.


What caught my attention was Patrick Stanko’s name mentioned several times. That was no surprise. He comes from a long line of community leaders. His parents are some of my oldest friends.

“I have heard it all 100 times,” said Jackson County rancher Dave Gittleson after the meeting.

I doubt many minds were changed at that meeting! I was impressed by what I found to be a news article with no apparent agenda other than reporting the facts.

Related, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife have an ongoing and growing problem with mountain lions. Trust fund snot’s values vs reality when Fluffy disappears from their backyard. Long article here.


$20 Happy Meal soon?

Jon Caldera examines the restaurant business in Denver. Soon,  Colofornia will share more wallet paMORE

Product Endorsement

A friend gave me this to try out. While not a miracle or a cure, it does ease my joint pains. One complaint. Getting the cap off was a bitch.

President Election

Nailed it.

As always, YMMV


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Old NFO said...

Banner has mellowed you! :-) And good luck with the wolves and mountain lions and the trust fund snots!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

It has taken awhile but Banner has me fairly well trained. Mellowed? Can't say - maybe just fatigued.

Wild, wild west said...

Is that mailing list still available? No reason, just asking for a friend....

Well Seasoned Fool said...

After 51 years, not likely. An acquaintance found an Adam and Eve catalog. Used a money order to pay for an order to be delivered to his ex-wife's new husband.

Not me! Mine ran off with someone she thought was wealthy. I wanted to send him a thank you card but was afraid he would send her back.

Wild, wild west said...

Now that reminds me of the guy who ran from the highway patrol because his ex ran off with a trooper, and he was afraid it was the trooper bringing her back.

Yeah, that was kinda a tongue in cheek question, but an acquaintance got pithed at a co-worker and made it a habit of sending off the reader reply post cards that used to come in magazines. Circled everything, for months. The target's mailbox was absolutely slammed with junk mail. Full mailbox daily, and occasionally would have to schlep down to the post office when there was too much to fit the box. And as the target's name and address got sold and resold on marketing lists, the deluge would not stop. Epic.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Your acquaintance and I can be friends.

Ex was back in Seattle "to see her children" and I took her to the Greyhound depot. I was sitting on the shoulder off the I-405 on ramp watching I-70 and the bus headed East. Tape deck was playing Ray Clark's "Thank God and Greyhound you're gone" when a cop came up to my window.

He liked my explanation. Asked about alcohol and I explained I was stone sober but in about 15 minutes when I got home I planned to punish a couple of Rainier's.

Anonymous said...
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drjim said...

Banner's getting grey, just like Pebbles. We have to take her in to the vet tomorrow, as some of her medical issues are starting to really bother her. Just hope she makes it through the Summer.

Light rail systems lose money 90% of the time, yet people keep demanding them. The multi-billion dollar high-sped rail between LA and Vegas is over 10 years behind schedule, and about 10X over budget.

Wolves and mountain lions.....gee.....let's bring more in to EAT the trust fund snots....

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Hope you get good answers for Pebbles - such a sweet dog!

Octothorpe said...

Former cannon cocker! Yeah, we are a pain in the ass to work with. :-) It's part of our charm. Steel on target!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Pioneer Kaserne, Hanau
Engineer Battalion next to an Artillery Battalion. Both just down the street from the EM Club. When both were in garrison at the same time things got interesting around 2300.