Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Half Baked Ideas on Civil Insurrection and F**k the Government



Like any technology, there are good outcomes and bad outcomes.

Here we have a good outcome and potentially a life saved.


The negative? Any outdoor personal privacy we may have enjoyed is now gone. Wars are now being fought in ways that challenge long held tactics and philosophies. Civil insurrection? SloJo doesn’t need F-16s.

What electronic counter measures can civilians use? Jammers? What thermal shielding is readily available? Since most drones will have an electronic link to an operator, can that link be traced back to the operator? Neutralize the operator?

The Weld County, CO Sheriff’s department is investing in drones and conduct frequent training days. They publicize these training days on Falsebook, among other places.

Why take action?  Full throttle!

If it doesn’t fix the problem, it’ll end the suspense. h/t Rory Irish, Moab, UT

Whiskey Rebellion tradition lives on?

The Whiskey Rebellion (also known as the Whiskey Insurrection) was a violent tax protest in the United States beginning in 1791 and ending in 1794 during the presidency of George Washington. The so-called "whiskey tax" was the first tax imposed on a domestic product by the newly formed federal government.



Law breakers or entrepreneurs? 

Wamsetter, WY

IMO, one of the bleakest places I know. Live there? No amount of money would make me live there. That said, mega amounts of natural gas money is invested there and more is coming.


Does anyone else see the irony of the wealthy betting on a big California market for natural gas when the state legislators seem hell bent on their “green” agenda.

(P)regressive Barf

If you can stomach reading this, here is leftist Trump hate spew about keeping Trump off the Colorado Ballot.


Do these people live in an alternate universe, or do I? What real problem solutions were left unfunded with this waste of taxpayer's money?

Tough Call

Lick the bacon grease from the saucer or the eggs and cheese residual from the bowl first?

 As always, YMMV


drjim said...

Which did he choose?

Well Seasoned Fool said...

One lick of the saucer then the bowl. Bowl cleaned, back to the saucer.

Wild, wild west said...

Smart dog.

Delicious to see the Californians hoist on their own left-wing-wacko petard. May they give it to themselves, good and hard, and my condolences to those few conservatives stuck out there for one reason or another who suffer along with the moon bats.

Why all the Wamsetter hate, WSF? It's not like it's Lubbock or something. Oh, wait. I've been to both places a time or two, and Wamsetter is worse. Never mind, the dislike is well deserved, now that I think about it.......

Old NFO said...

Yep, Banner is no dummy... And yes, you 'can' trace the IP back to the owner.

The Debinair Dude said...

On Tuesday, Special Counsel Robert Hur testified.

In the hearing, the Mega Liar from California the Democrat. Adam Schiff took aim at Hur for creating a “political firestorm” with his report, which raised serious questions about Biden’s memory.

Predictably, and as always, , Schiff threw a Hissy Fit about Hur’s details about Biden’s failing memory, which could jeopardize the president winning reelection. In his opening questions, Schiff claimed that Hur intentionally tried to “disparage” Biden and that he made a “generalized statement” about Biden’s memory.

“Congressman, I could have written my report, theoretically, in a way that omitted references to the president’s memory but that would have been an incomplete and improper report,” Hur responded.

“You could have written your report with comments about his specific recollection as to documents, a set of documents, but you chose a general, pejorative reference to the president. You understood when you made that decision…that you would ignite a political firestorm with that language, didn’t you?” Schiff claimed.

Hur responded that politics did not play a role in his report.

Schiff “What you did write was deeply prejudicial for the interest of the president and you say it wasn’t political and yet you must have understood the impact of your words…
Hur was just telling the truth about Biden. Proving that
Biden DOES have dementia.
Biden lies ALL of the time.
Biden broke the espionage act law.
Schiff is a typical Radical Left Lying Democrat Politician.
Schiff Is Attempting to Sell the Lie That Biden Is Competent and Innocent.
But the Voters Know the Truth about Biden.
Schiff is a lousy Filthy Piece of Scum!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Find the hacker. See if the hacker can continue to use a keyboard with all fingers broken.

One winter making a hotshot delivery I had to drive South through Wamsetter. 20° and 50 mph wind. All the trailer houses were wrapped in layers of plastic and pieces of plastic were flapping in the winds. Bleak is adequate to describe living there.

Lubbock. It has been a few years but one of my crew was assigned Lubbock. He had a problem with alcohol and found out the county was dry after checking in to a motel. Most unhappy camper.

In Midland, I was talking to the owner of two NAPA stores who was a California transplant. He was happy to be out of California. I remember one remark, that he was able to buy his wife the home of her dreams in Texas. Midland wouldn't be my idea of paradise but to each his own.

Speaking of Texas, Pecos makes Wamsetter look good IMO.

Sal Demarco said...

It's EXTREMELY hard to believe that most of the American public and even the media are just discovering Joe Biden's problem now? Now that America is more than half - way down the Toilet! With Crime, Corruption, and it’s desgusting way that the opposing party is trashing our Former President because that are afraid of his winning., and beating their RETARDED way of running the Country.. And the Cheering for Joe Biden a Senile Elderly, Crook, with a Criminal Family! Not just mental health. He walks like a 99 year old man now, when he doesn’t fall walking UP the stairs. Walking like he has a stick up his butt!.
And according to an NBC News poll a whopping 89 percent of Americans have concerns, to varying degrees, that President Joe Biden lacks the physical and mental health for a second term, Most of us have been aware of this problem back when the DNC stole the election! In fact Biden's own DOJ, including a review by AG Garland said he is UNFIT to be president
Joe Biden is just a puppet. For whoever is pulling his strings.
There's an evil group of American haters running the show. Ther's a strong feeling Barry Soetoro aka Barrack Obama is behind it.
Seems that Biden was advanced to be the front, fall guy for everything put into play for Obama's "Fundamental Transformation of America" program.
Riots, illegal aliens, rapid withdrawal from Afghanistan leaving the war machine behind creating massive refugee movement to Central Europe and America, cartoon characters as administration department heads, e.g., Blinken.....all of it. Now that America is more than half trashed, the democrats can blame dementia Joe and of course MAGA..
All I will say is that It's funny, and HYSTERICAL trying to watch the left defend Biden when even Democrats know the truth! Funny but not at all a good thing for the Country. Especially when the rest of the world is Laughing at him, and therefor at us.
Biden is the only one where his own lap dog in the DOJ found that the only way to NOT prosecute him was to say out loud what everyone in the country has known for three years now, that Biden is MENTALLY UNFIT to be POTUS....The tactic of turning every damning thing about Biden around and pinning it on Trump is a childish deflection, and a dishonest approach to defense of the destruction you enemies are doing to our Constitution....
Biden has 500 indictments spanning several decades of Criminal holding and disclosing of classified documents. And Very Likely in bribery/extortion/money laundering schemes. They can't, and won’t charge him because half is brain is gone.

Wild, wild west said...

Yes sir, I've been to Wamsetter and bleak is indeed a fair description. Pecos is the part of Texas that provoked the war criminal William T. Sherman to remark that if he owned both Hell and Texas, he would live in Hell and rent out Texas. Midland, on the other hand, was once described as an armpit 20 miles east of another armpit named Odessa. Speaking as a rather xenophobic Texas Native, I find little to argue with in any of those statements.

Incidentally, Lubbock is not in fact "the nothing capitol of the western world" as some insist, where all the left over nothing is shipped via empty box cars for storage in empty warehouses on the outskirts of town. Not at all! That distinction is more properly applied to Levelland, located about 30 miles straight west, but I can see how anyone who was not familiar with Levelland could easily make that mistake.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Had a day's business in Levelland a few years ago and can't find fault with your observations. Wasn't Waylon Jennings from there?

What I appreciated about my times in Texas are the roads. Wonderfully good by Colorado standards.

Most of my time in Texas was spent promoting ATK Re manufactured engines. This involved calling on every repair shop and auto parts store in every town West of Dallas excluding El Paso. I had one employee to assist me. We made twelve or more calls a day, mileage permitting. Each call was a ten minute stand up, speak up, and git. Make a good impression, leave catalogs and a phone number sticker to go on a wall near their desk was the goal. ATK had a good inbound sales organization. Our goal was to make the phone ring. Fun job for someone who always wants to see what is over the next hill.

ATK was founded in 1939 in Fullerton, CA and relocated to Grand Prairie around 2006. The President, Peter Butterfield, told us they saved, after all moving costs, $800,000 the first year over doing business in California.

Peter said...

President Biden’s team on Thursday quickly removed the press when he said he would take questions at an event in Saginaw, Michigan, and social media users blasted the "incredible scene."

Biden visited Saginaw on Thursday to push his re-election campaign and speak to volunteers supporting his bid to retain the White House. The trip included a visit to a 131-year-old Victorian mansion owned by members of the Saginaw City Council and Saginaw Public Schools Board of Education.

At the mansion, Biden stood on the porch with his back to members of the press when he could be heard saying, "Can I take a couple questions?"
Biden's team quickly removed the press when he said he would take questions at an event in Saginaw, Michigan, and social media users blasted the "ncredible scene.
Second’s after Old Joe said “ WE'RE GOING TO TAKE A FEW QUESTIONS," whereupon his staff immediately started putting their arms up and walking toward the press gaggle, loudly repeating, "Thank you, press, back to the cars. AND HIS HANDLERS IMMEDIATELY REMOVE THE PRESS.
There’s a video of the moment was posted on Social Media X, where there was a swarm of comments blasting Biden’s team that followed.
Yes, it was remarkable, The moment Biden suggests taking a few questions, his handlers come flying in like Secret Service agents taking a bullet, yelling at the press to get back in the cars," Bonchie, a writer for the Conservative blog Red State, said. "What an incredible scene."

Salvatore said...

Senate Majority Leader Chucky Schumer gave a major yesterday but in my humble opinion it was a DISGUSTING, and a VERY Disappointing address for this Man who happens to be Jewish himself, that he gave on the United States Senate floor, laying out his ant- Israeli major plan to revive two-state solution and calling for the Israeli government to hold new elections after the threat of Hamas is radically reduced. In his speech, Majority Leader Schumer also said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s vision is stuck in the past and no longer fits the needs of Israel and the Israeli people.
But unfortunately, and sadly there is nothing new in this Totally Slanted speech of Schumer r! If the Israelis want to change their government, let them do it without Democrat Party interference, which has been ongoing since former President and anti-Semite Barack Hussein Obama attempted to overthrow Netanyahu previously. Of course, the United States should not, and cannot dictate the outcome of an election, nor should we even try. That is for the Israeli people to decide, and not for anyone else to even try! However, I MUST ask, if Mr Schumer had even seen the Attack of Hamas on the Jewish State? I ask only because his attitude seems as if he hastened!
Did HE SEE the 100's of Israeli people being Slaughtered? Or the many of Israeli Young Girls that were Rapped in the Streets? Or the many Israeli BABIES that were Beheaded and their dead bodies were jest thrown in ditches in the streets, or the 100's of Hostages that were takes and are still in CAPTIVITY, if they are still alive. And MANY of them were Americans! !

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who in recent weeks has said out loud, and has repeated it many times that This will NOT happen again , because Hamas will be DESTROYED for what they did. And I happen to agree with him 100 percent!
In fact I wish that we had someone like Mr. Netanyahu’ as the President right here in America!

Wild, wild west said...

Jennings was born in Littlefield, not Levelland, although it's easy to confuse the two.

I bag on the Panhandle/West Texas area a bit but the fact is there is a lot of history out there if you take the time to look for it and the two big canyons outside Amarillo and Tulia are awesome.

Laughing My Ass Off said...

Lets see now! A 80 year old Senile, Delusional Potatohead,who walks like a 92 year old who is also a Two Time Loser and Campaigned from his Basement, and picked the most UNPOPULAR Vice President in America's modern history who supposedly received more votes than Barack Hussain Obama (the Half Negro), and received the most votes at 4 AM in the morning , and who speaks in his own code so that NO-ONE else can understand him , and NO-ONE IS ALLOWED to Question him, is going to run again at 81 years old if he can get up the stairs without falling down. And this Senile-Moronic retard is supposed to beat The man who going to Make America Great Again.
Are we supposed to believe this Crap?