Thursday, March 7, 2024

Another Sailor Gone

 Sad news today, John Coffey has died. He infrequently blogged as Coffypot.

John was a survivor of the USS Frank E. Evans sinking as the result of colliding with an aircraft carrier during the Vietnam War. 

The sinking occurred more than fifty miles from Vietnam so the casualties were never accorded a place on the wall. John and other survivors worked hard for many years to correct that oversight without success.

R.I.P John.


The Debinair Dude said...

Biden's State of the Union speech last night was just full of more Hate more Lies, and More Division!
Instead of trying to UNITE the Country he came off as a bitter Asshole who wants a War with Russia, Your Daughters to Get Their Breasts Chopped Off, and for You to Go Broke for Climate Change. And where in Hell did he ever get the Idea that Crime was Down? I always knew that he was Delusional, but I didn’t think he was that Nuts!
He’s a Old Senile Mouthpiece for an anti-American cabal out to Destroy the US.
He does and says what he’s told and what he’s told is awful for the American people. With his Economic Disaster, Racial Segregation, Family Structure Depletion and Resulting Social Demise.
Democrat, and Progressive voters are among the Stupidest humans in the entire existence of the species. If they believe ANY of those Lies that he hade the Nerve, and the Stupidity to Spout!
GEICO should think about using democrat voters in lieu of their Cavemen for an ad campaign.
His Rambling and Nasty Name-Calling Speech Was Much Too Long and Exhausting. It proves that Biden is, in fact, Capable of Endlessly Praising Himself and Smearing His Opponent, no matter how late the hour. That's what animates him. Now, he will go back to the White House, and have a vanilla ice cream cone. And he will be told by his Ass-Kissers , "Great jJb, Mr. President." It is a speech that will soon be forgotten and long be ignored! Because almost everyone knows that it was ALL Bull-Shit!

And why was he constantly SCREAMING? It seemed like his main goal was to show that he is still a vigorous man, and not the WEAK SENILE OLD FART, that we constantly see.
I personally would want a President with a healthy mental capacity in the Oval Office. I really don’t want a President in the early stages of Dementia running the show, and calling our biggest enemy who has a nuclear arsenal nasty names, . Biden has few good days and lots of really bad days which lead me to suspect he is on some powerful experimental “Meds”
And now he CONFESSED that he has built temporary piers to Gaza to feed and aid, and supply the Killers of Israel. Why not let the ARABS who attacked the innocent Israeli’s feed those in Gaza and send more aid bombs to Israel?

We know for a Fact that he has problems mentally. I believe that’s why Biden refuses to take mental tests. . And he took some medicine to keep him alive long enough to lie as he did last night... It was VERY hard to watch such a man standing there like he was a “Hero” pissing off Fifty Percent of decent Americans, especially after what he had already done to our country with is Welcoming in those Multi-Millions of ILLEGAL’S and then blaming the Republicans for not voting for that ASININE BILL Of his that was loaded with other UN-related CRAP. WHY NOT JUST PASS A BILL TO JUST CLOSE THE DAMN BORDER?????
And from the reviews I've seen this morning, it was far more of a “Campaign Speech” with his message of policy proposals not to be believed . If that's true, it really should have been saved for a time, because nobody believed them anyway..

MarathonMike said...

A Gold Star Dad who shouted at President Biden during his State of the Union address Thursday night was identified as the father of a fallen Marine — and was l arrested over the disruption.

Biden, was in the middle of saying “America’s safer today than when I took office,”
before he was interrupted from the chamber’s balcony.
The Gold Star Dad “Dared” to yelled down from the balcony . “Second Battalion, First Marines!”

Old NFO said...

Good friend and a good man. And yes, always remembered his shipmates! RIP, we have the watch John.

Mega Maga Man said...

The Obsessive Progressives, and Socialist-Democrats are churning out the same story about that senile, and highly delusional old man who should be in a nursing home repeating his childhood memories rather than TRYING to run a country, but rather is RUINING the Country is getting to be pretty damb disgusting.
These BIDUMB Supporters who get so excited from ONE Angry, disgusting Speech from a man who should be UNITING his Country but is DIVIDING it instead!
Maybe I should be asking your Idiotic Biden Supporters why don't you teach your “Man” Joe to read and Speak his speech that was Full Of Lies, instead of talking smack like some Punk on the Street
And while you are at it, how about telling Sleepy Joe to CLOSE those damn borders that encourage Child Sex Trafficking, and are bringing in Murderers, Drug traffickers, Hoodlums, and to stop loading HIS BILLS with tons of PORK that don’t belong in those Bills!. And by the way! What was that story in todays paper all about?
T said and I quote “Nearly 100 special forces from five Western countries — including more than a dozen Americans — have been operating on the ground in Ukraine, according to a leaked document.

The classified document, was dated March 23 and marked “Secret,” revealed that the US HAD 14 SPECIAL FORCES IN UKRAINE AS OF LAST MONTH,
Does this mean that we already have Troops on the Ground!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Thank you for your response. Appropriate and to the point.

I let these other remarks stand. Free speech and all that even off topic.

Wild, wild west said...

Somehow, I had not heard of the Evans incident before, so thank you for bringing it to my attention.

They were in Viet Nam, then left the immediate area for a joint exercise with the Australians, a country also at war with us in Viet Nam at the time, so presumably an ally, and were to have returned to Viet Nam following completion of the exercise.

I don't understand the exclusion, perhaps because I was a lowly E-5 and not permitted to make such fine distinctions without allegedly "adult" orificer supervision.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Can't be giving extra comfort to the survivors nor the loved ones of those who died. Might give the impression those wearing stars are soft.

The Debinair Dude said...

President Trump met with Laken Riley's family and gave her mother a hug!
It's a DAMN shame that Joe Biden refuses to reach out to her grieving parents. What a heartless imbecile he is. Trump on the other hand is a compassionate human being with empathy, God bless him.. But then again it was totally expected. I guess Biden doesn’t mind Americans dying at the hands of the illegal’s that he’s responsible for bringing in. .
Joe Biden will never have the ability to understand and share the feelings of another human being , e has a total lack of empathy for anybody. We saw that at East Palestine, Ohio’s train derailment. What a heartless imbecile he is. Or is it that he’s just too Chickhearted to face the people that he’s responsible for hurting.

Sal Demarco said...

What a complete, ASININE, MISOGYNIST WEASEL George Stephanopoulos is. First of all he didn’t get his facts right. And Mace was right, he was trying to shame her, as a Rape Victim for supporting Trump. Then he tries to shame her as a rape victim for supporting President Trump
I feel sorry for the little asshole, but runts should have to live in a runt colony with the rest of the Idiots . They really shouldn't be allowed on our streets where normal people are.
There are only two kinds of citizens still left in the country: Those who want to Make America Great, like Donald Trump, and those who want to destroy it like Joe Biden..Typical Progressive Retard Behavior.
These Democratic-Socialists are truly "disgusting"

Wild, wild west said...

I see your point, WS. Aid and comfort to the enemy, perhaps? Whatever. But for damn sure there's scant information leading the lower ranks to believe the higher up the chain they are, the more half-witted they become.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Rise to their level of incompetence?

MarathonMike said...

Today, telling the truth online is now "Hate Posting"!
Can you believe that?
A really bad politically correct show like what the celebrities are saying on the Academy Awards these days, are Stupid, Childish, and Boring, and it's now considered "Hate Posting"!
Just telling the truth, and telling it like it is. Or just saying what everyone else is thinking, is now Hate Speech if it’s said about the wrong party.

Jimmy Kimmel took shots at Trump and Trump took some shots back as was deserved. Yet Only what Trump said was called “Hate”
Even when One side gets away with it and the other gets trashed.
In my humble opinion calling Conservatives "NAZIS" like so many of Democrats, and Progressives seem to do. is Hate

LSP said...

Rest in Peace.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

A good man.