Sunday, March 17, 2024

Slippery slope to serfdom. It is here.

 China Model and the end our freedom

It starts with your new automobile purchase. This lawyer lays it out in 20 minutes worth watching.

I, for one, will never buy a vehicle with this technology.


As always, YMMV


Greybeard said...

Two thoughts:
-People will be hanging on to older cars they can drive without "Big Brother's" permission.
-If... we still live in a capitalist country, someone will come up with a way to defeat this crap, and make big money in the process.
(When does the revolution start?)

Well Seasoned Fool said...

There have been attempts to prohibit repairing older cars that, so far, have been defeated.

This wretched law was slipped into a much larger bill which, we all know, is a common tactic.

About a year ago I needed to rent a car for a day and Enterprise (my only option where I live) put me into a fully loaded Ford Focus. The "lane assist" function drove me to distraction. Kept coming up with a message I was drowsy and should stop to rest.

Disabling some of these proposed functions would let insurance companies off the hook if you get into an accident.

This grumpy old man wants reliability, climate control, and cruise control. The other stuff doesn't interest me.

Old NFO said...

Nope. NOT going there or doing that...

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Given Ford's recent engineering failures, wouldn't buy one even if my principals would allow it.

CrusaderFrank said...

. It is no surprise that the Delusional Joe Biden had another misinformation campaign bash
Former President Donald Trump trying to deflect from embarrassment Biden that supported the irresponsible speech of the Honorific Democrat Senate Leader Schumer that promote a Regime Change in Israel interfering in the internal affairs of US ally Israel, as if Israel is a US colony not a sovereign country, that angered many Israelis and many Jewish Americans in US. Shame on you Schumer your speech was not only Disgusting, but completely false, and UNWARRANTED.
How dare Schumer call for an insurrection by one of our allies.
Schumer is a very dangerous person and should resign immediately.
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And to make matters even worse, Joe Biden said that he totally agreed with him

CrusaderFrank said...

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And to make matters even worse, Joe Biden agreed totally with what he said. .

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They are OUR Ally and a democratic country. He can call out his policy differences and voice his opinion, but wanting an elected leader removed no matter how distasteful he may find him is not a wise, nor a good choice, or an approach. America is NEVER supposed to call for a Nation to CHANGE their Leader, especially during War!
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For the record, Schumer doesn’t speak for me, on anything.
Ever hear the term., NEVER AGAIN!

Suzanne said...

Dozens of Major companies across the tech, media, finance, and retail industries made significant cuts to staff in 2023. Tech titans like IBM, Google, Microsoft, finance giants like Goldman Sachs, and manufacturers like Dow all announced layoffs.. Those along with the Hundreds of Major Retail stores such as CVS, Walgreens, Macy’s, Walmart is closing 23 stores in 8 states (all blue).
Target is closing 9 stores in 4 states
Walgreens is closing 900 stores Bed bath and beyond is closing its remaining 360 stores.
Lowes has closed 50 stores.
Macy's is closing 150 stores
Starbucks has closed 61 stores)
Home Depot is closing 15 stores
Dollar Tree is closing 1,000 stores
Foot Locker is closing 400 stores
Gap is closing 350 stores
Party City is closing 24 stores
Big Lots is closing stores in Cali and Colorado
Burger King is closing 400 stores
Best Buy is closing 20 stores
Boston Market is closing 27 stores
Kmart only has 2 stores left
Sears closed all but 22 stores
Regal Cinemas has closed 429 movie theaters
Kroger grocery chain has closed 413 stores
US Bank is closing 23 branches
Wells Fargo is closing over 60 branches
Capital One is closing 50 branches
Bank of America is closing 20 branches
All because of Biden’s economy is so wonderful.
And 2024 is looking grim too. And it's only March.
Nearly 40% of business leaders surveyed think layoffs are likely at their companies this year, and about half say their companies will implement a hiring freeze. Resume Builder talked to about 900 leaders at organizations with more than 10 employees. Those above cited concerns about a recession, and a very bad economy as well as the Crime, and Looting as a reason.
So, Hang onto your panties, hell is coming if Biden should win.... Thanks Joe Biden.