Saturday, February 24, 2024

There is crazy, and then there is Liberal Crazy

Jon Caldera and the Independence Institute

A Colorado conservative treasure, he skews (P)regressives on a regular basis with facts and humor. You can find him here.

A brave man, he continues to live in Boulder and admits to being University of Colorado alumni. An example.


There should be a law

During my mortgage delinquency work I often find a renter at the address where I’m sent. Said renter has no idea their landlord is in default. I think there should be criminal, not just civil, consequences for property owners who use rental income for purposes other than paying mortgages and taxes. Profits, yes, do what you want.

 In 2009 Congress passed the Mortgage Re-form and Predatory Lending Act after the sub-prime collapse. Some modifications have been made since but conflicts exist with state laws. I doubt many renters have the means to hire lawyers and get into protracted legal battles.

This is why I believe there is a need for criminal penalties. Perhaps someone with legal expertise can explain what can be done.

Every Blade of Grass Gift

This past Christmas Dr Jim and SLW invited Sisty and I to dinner at their home. Jim gave me three train posters that I finally got around to framing and putting up. Much appreciated.

 My apartment has a chest high half wall separating the living room from the kitchen with a blank gray wall on the living room side. I think the posters look good in that location.

I confess to being a train “nut”, especially the old steam engines.

 For the OCD among you, the picture is somewhat distorted. The space between the posters is within ¼” of being equal. Close enough for me.

As always, YMMV


Old NFO said...

Yeah, renters take it in the shorts more often than not. And those posters look good!!!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I'm pleased with the posters and not having having 10' of flat gray defining one side of the room.

drjim said...

Must be a shock to the renter when you show up. Do you just hand them the papers, or report it back to the mothership?

Glad you enjoy the posters. I still have no idea where I got them from, as it's not the sort of thing I usually buy!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Instructions vary depending on the lender but the letter is left with the renter if they will accept it. The envelope has the debtors name written on it and stamped CONFIDENTIAL in red ink. If the renter asks questions I politely tell them I am a debt collector and cannot discuss anything with them.

My assumption is the landlord will be receiving a call shortly after my departure.

Another situation is where there are two addresses given and the contact address is the mortgage holders home and the mortgaged property is at another location. In that case the renter is left in the dark. That bothers me but I am not to contact anyone at the other address.

This is why I want to see criminal charges for what is, to me, criminal behavior.

CrusaderFrank said...

Words DO matter, So when Joe Biden repeatedly promised to extend amnesty, to shut down Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and most famously “immediately surge to the border all those people seeking asylum,” millions of soon-to-be illegal aliens heard him loud and clear.. You can easily blame Joe Biden for what has happened at the Southern border 100 percent!
They know well enough that all it takes is to show up and say the magic words of “asylum” and they will be let in and no to be removed. Under Biden, you can use the famous Field of Dreams quote has morphed from “if you build it, they will come” to “if you Destroy Our Border Security, they will come, and for SURE!
The Democratic Biden supporters have NO defense for the Open Borders because it is indefensible..

Sal Demarco said...

Doesn't this make your blood boil that Biden refuses to comment on this innocent White girl's death while Donald Trump speaks out on the HORRIFIC Murder of Laken Riley by one of those STINKING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS,while Biden is still silent.
Trump, a compassionate man spoke out and made sure Laken Riley who won't be forgotten.
Biden's alliance with these illegals is not only destroys his presidency,but it’s destroying our Country and that’s why the American people are turning against him


Les Carpenter said...

The orange hued human orangutan has proven he is unqualified, incapable, and too narcissistic and stupid to be president.

On the other hand Presiden Biden is fully qualified, fully capable, cares about ALL people and the United States of America, and best of all, he ain't no crimminal.

Your bulls*it babbling is getting very old . But hey, it's your thing. I get it. Youse a scared whittle man of privilege worrying about losing it all. The world is changing and you're strugging to keep up.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Les, it is good you like the Kool-Aide