Monday, February 5, 2024

Clear and Present Danger - Politicians

 More Nanny State – Colorado Winter Highways

Colorado highways across the mountains are inadequate, and will always be inadequate. Winter increases the challenges.

State law already decrees the left lane on four lane highways is for passing, not travel. Rarely enforced, in my experience. Now two ‘legislators’ who live along I-70 and need to drive to Denver on business think they have a solution to an intractable problem.


Commercial carriers pay taxes, too, a lot of taxes and are as entitled to use the highways as anyone. I’ve no problem with requiring everyone using the highways to be equipped to deal with the conditions.

Driving anywhere involves delays. Trucks taking miles to pass another truck with a 2 mph difference in speed governors is a frequent nuisance. Two elected officials being delayed in traffic doesn’t warrant more burdensome regulations, IMO.

More Nanny State b.s. Tax pets. OK, tax people who own pets.


Climate Deniers are sane, or crazy, or something.


If you bother to read this maybe you can determine what point, or points, are made. Or not.

Climate change derangement – the newest mental health crisis

Don’t be alarmed; just a college ‘professor’ twit.


One point of view is universities should present a broad spectrum of viewpoints. Is it too much to hope many of the intelligent students will be able to discern babbling bullshit? Apply that discernment to their post education lives?

Old Age, Wisdom, and Auto Repairs

At my age my skin is so thin I cut and bruise easily. My right turn signal bulb needed replaced. That, on a Taurus, requires the whole assembly be removed. The trunk liner needs to be partially moved. The whole process is a fifteen minute job that only took me an hour. Foolish not to wear gloves and my blog title remains accurate.

As I often brag, I’m a piss poor mechanic but my hourly labor rate is unmatched.

Rhetorical question, for sure, but why did Ford elect to use an 11mm nut?

Wolves are introduced – lawsuits follow

No surprise. Long article focused on the government being sued. Along those lines, Emperor Polis needs to keep his trophy husband happy.


Bashing Biden

Not that it will change a damned thing.

 As always, YMMV


Wild, wild west said...

Perhaps 11mm because Ford lost their 10MM?

I don't work on cars that much anymore so the always lost 10mm socket is a phenomenon outside my experience.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

W.W.W. Good one!
10 mm replaced the 7/16 as the most lost.

drjim said...

I guess they'll really be Left Lane Bandits now.

The pet tax is insane! Will they have an additional fee/restrictions on Service Animals?

Climate Change? Around here we call it "Weather".

Your hand looks like mine do after a work session on the Toyota. GM and Ford were both "going metric" back then, and GM cars were the same. A strange brew of metic (body stuff), and inch (engine and driveline), and it drove me bonkers when they started doing it.

Just reading about how the wolves in Yellowstone are developing a taste for Bison. Wonder what'll happen when Mommy, Daddy, and the Kiddies see a bison being torn apart by wolves......

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Left lane bandits. I'm surprised they don't demand a CSP escort.

In my misspent youth I messed with British junk and needed a set of Whitworth sockets. In Germany I had an Anglia that had Whitworth, metric and some SAE. Fortunately it was stove bolt simple to work on once you realized it was made from pot metal.

Supposedly the Yellowstone wolves are running out of elk to eat.

Ed Campbell said...

One of the things that really frustrates me as I get older is the fragility of the skin on my hands so I wear gloves a lot. Even the thick 9 mm Harbor Freight nitrile gloves help a lot and don't mess up your dexterity too bad.

Left lane, don't know if it could be fixed in the US. In England they used to cite you, same thing in Germany and if you were in the passing lane on the Autobahn and somebody came up behind you them flashing their gazillion watt high beams would get yo to move over pretty quick.

WSF, you had a Anglia? I am sorry. ;-)

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Ed C
Germany circa 1960's once you made E-4 you could buy a car. These GI cars changed hand frequently and had some of the shadiest shade tree mechanical 'fixes'. When I made E-5 I sold it and moved up to a 58 Plymouth tuned down to run on 50 octane PX gas. I may have been the tenth owner of that Plymouth.

I have gloves; just don't use them. Dumb and lazy.

BillB said...

Ed C,

I remember Germany from the late 70s when I was stationed there. I distinctly remember being on the Autobahn between Frankfurt and Mainze one time while passing a line of tractor-trailer trucks and having the schißkopf behind me furiously blinking their lights at me. I was going much faster than the trucks plus there was no room to pull between the trucks. I was probably going 80 or 90 mph compared to the trucks 50 mph speed and this joker wanted to go 120 mph (200kph).

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Bill B
Rads are bat shit crazy drivers. Fun to watch as our 122 vehicle float bridge company rolled down the autobahn at 40 mph.

IamwhatIseem said...

The 2014 Election Is NOT a Popularity Contest, It’s a Referendum on Immigration, The Border Which Has Become The Number ONE Issue, The Economy, The Increase in Crime, Jobs, and Your Healthcare! The Person That is Felt to Have The Best Policy In These Issues Will Become The Next President.

jeff d said...

The article on Senate Bill 100 says semis would be allowed in the left lane when passing someone going less than posted speed limit. To my experience, that is pretty much why the semis are in the left lane so the effect of the law is null?

Looks like the pet tax bill has been shelved. Probably see it come back in a year or so with some new verbiage.

Wild Wild West got it right on the 11 mm sockets.

Scary about the wolves.

Sorry about your hand WSF.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

jeff d
The hand was totally my dumb fault. I have gloves in the tool bag and did the same thing in May 2023 when I replaced the drivers side turn signal bulb (in a motel parking lot, in S.C., in the rain).

As my sister will tell you, I cannot be impatient since I have no patience.

Sisty said...

WSF is also a slow learner

Well Seasoned Fool said...

My source for positive reinforcements.

drjim said...


Old NFO said...

Yep, we're not 21 anymore, and bang ourselves up too easily!

The Political Chic said...
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The Political Chic said...

A fan, who decided to go on the field during an NCAA game without permission, got completely knocked out by a security guard at a college football game.

During the Alabama vs Tennessee game, a fan ran onto the field, which resulted in a security guard taking him down... by knocking him out cold!



Proud Member of the FJB/LGB Community said...

Shaw Kenawe said...

The House failed to impeach Secy. Mayorkus!




CrusaderFrank said...

Biden couldn't even remember when he was VP, or when his Son died.
And the Dimwingers want hm to be the President again!
When if ever will these Dinhbats learn? No Wonder this country is Up Shit’s Creek!

MarathonMike said...

We must not, and Never forget that ANTIFA , and Black Lives Matter has showed us the way to getting your attention,and their political agenda heard, and your candidate elected, by .Firebombing Government Buildings, Throwing Bricks at the Police, Shutting down Freeways, Looting Stores, Burning Police Cars, Tearing Down Statues, and Destroying Cities…. and for some strange, and odd reason, these people are not considered terrorists…
Oh that’s right. I forgot our wonderful, delusional, and senile President, and Idiotic Attorney General explained that to us. That they choose to do their attacks at the proper time, and to the proper places where there are only Democratic Mayors, and Governors to “Stand Down” and allow these terrorists PUNKS to do their dirty,filthy deeds. I'm sure that you have seen that Video of the 5-6 Dirty Illegal Venezuelan Punks attacking, and Kicking the NY Police officers in Times Square, and then getting released without ANY Bail by the Progressive NY City District Attorney.
And Why Not? According to the results of the last election, these terrorist attacks have seemed to have worked. Using Violence and Murder to get what you want politically, works, and is the right way to get what you want, and just blame the MAGA'S for it. It's bound to get someones attention. And why not, our Dimwitted President does it constantly.

The Political Chic said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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IamwhatIseem said...

If We Don't Wise Up as A REPUBLIC For Witch it Stands, One Nation Under God, and do it soon... We Will Lose Our Republic and Once it's Gone,...its Gone, Welcome to The United States of China,it's a Shame and True That You Don't Realize What You Had, Until it's Gone and ALL Your FREEDOMS That you Once Had, Are Gone as Well, Welcome to NEW Socialists COUNTRY That Was Once A Great, and Blessed Nation For Witch it Stands, One Nation Under God, and do it REAL SOON ... We Will Lose Our Republic and Once it's Gone,it WILL REALLY BE GONE , we will be saying. And trust me, in many instances we are already there!
Welcome to The United States of China, it's a Shame but True that Most People Just Don't Realize What WE'VE Had, Until it's Gone and ALL OUR FREEDOMS That we Once Had, Are Gone as Well, Welcome to NEW Socialists COUNTRY That Was Once A Great, and FREE Nation.
The choice is ours!
We can GO DOWN in FLAMES by keeping this Brainless Delusional Idiot by ignoring all the MESSES that he has causes and gotten us into, or vote for those who dare to disagree with you, but has MUCH BETTER policies, and who stands with those that LOVE this country and who wants to make her “Great AGAIN” .
You win some, you lose some..
.Or you can keep falling for this paranoid Senile Old Fool who don’t even know where he is or where he is going "we're at war with the DEVIL who wants to continue take this Country down to where the other 3rd world countries are. In the Toilet, so if that’s your dream, then go ahead and Vote for anther 4 years of HELL.

Peter said...

Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

If you look at the bigger picture, and perhaps even issue, is the prosecutor had to cover his ass by saying something derogatory about President Biden for the sole purpose of keeping himself safe from maga attacks and threats. He has this in common with nearly all republicans in Congress. Not that that's honorable company.

What an EXTREMELY IDIOTIC thing to say. Lets face it, if the Moronic, Delusional Senile Old Coot can’t remember his ASS from his Elbow, then he has NO DAMN business being the President of the Greatest country in the world.
Here’s a NITWIT that doesn’t even remeber that he was the Vice President, or where, and when his Son died, or how he died.
And for anther extremely Dangerous .example. Joe Biden has been hit by Crisis after Crisis as a result of his own Bad Decisions, and oddly enough, they are starting to add up to a very dangerous situation.
Take the Chinese Balloon Incursion, where some kind of Spying Device has been sent over our Military installations throughout the U.S. interior, with Biden doing nothing about it because he ACTUALLY believed that it was a “Weather Balloon, I think that HE was the only one in the United States that actually believed that. .

And we see the same Joe Biden getting worse, and worse, and he is failing to protect the U.S. when it's so very important to protect the U.S. He's allowing Mexico to flood the U.S. border with literally millions of illegal’[s from more than a hundred other nations and he's allowing China to FLOOD THE U.S. WITH SPY BALLOONS which can linger and View U.S. Installations, Gathering Intelligence, for far longer than satellites on fixed targets. He might try to protect the U.S. in a military attack or some kind of other attack as a public relations measure, but Not When the Groundwork Is Being Set.
On the Southern Border, we have seen the suppression of news about the incoming disaster.We are seeing Criminals by the hundreds committing Crimes allover the USA. It only got out of control for Biden when Mayors, and Governors from Sanctuary Cities where migrants were being bused in from Texas and Florida, and flooding cities like New York, and San Francisco etc. , starting to complain about incoming numbers and the Costs of associated with housing, and feeding them while they are running allover causing chaos ,.disorder and crime.

LSP said...

Look after yourself!

I scorn the nanny state and always have done.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Nanny state makes us subjects, not citizens.

Suzanne said...

Just in case you have been very busy lately, and that have had better things to do but keep an eye out for the Progressives in our country “Sneaking” into the supream Court, and haven’t noticed by now, the Democrats are destroying America from within by corrupting and bankrupting those institutions associated with our security and safety.

They are destroying our Constitution and The Rule of Law with insane laws and administrative rules and regulations that carry the force of law--all enforced by activist judges and hand-picked juries of useful idiots who would instead support the viewpoint of their peers rather than uphold justice and the law. That includes the U.S. Supreme Court with squishes like Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett. And if nobody has noticed, there are three progressive communist democrats, Associate Justices Sonia Sotomayor, Ketanji Brown Jackson, and Elena Kagan, who are willing to subvert the Constitution to issue nonsensical rulings and dissents when things don’t go their way.

But now the attack on America has advanced to a clear and present danger...

Since when have we welcomed these ILLEGAL individuals into our Country, that we can’t possibly vet?

MarathonMike said...

"BREAKING - DEAD ON ARRIVAL: Senate Approves $95 Billion Foreign Aid Package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan in 70-29 Vote, Without Border/Immigration Funding and Reforms; Speaker Mike Johnson Declares it Dead on Arrival"
Senate passed $95 Billion Ukraine/Israel/Taiwan/ while you were sleeping this morning.

tte House has already declared it DEAD ON ARRIVAL . The vote took place in the pre-dawn hours, while most everyone in the country was asleep. Can't these idiotic jackass Democrats vote during business hours while we're all paying attention? NO THEY CAN’T!

They sneak around like the vampires they are voting on whose blood to suck next, while everyone's sleeping. That's just creepy as can be.
Will the House continue to support the Russia invasion of The Ukraine! And why support the inhumane murderers, and the ATTACK on Israel !
And Again and again, the Biden Democrats prove to be incapable of Governing.

The Political Chic said...

Will America under the Weak, and Inept President Biden stand up to the Country when needed, or will be show his weakness to the rest of the world as he has in the past?
I feel that Former President Trump will be the last Administration that was FOR AMERICA FIRST be the last of the kind that we need, and that we Certainly need now.
Had Hillary won we’d still be like Frogs in a boiling pot of hot water. one degree at a time. Thankfully, Trump’s unexpected victory threw the America Haters into panic And we got at least 4 years of success, until XiBiden, and that dingbat Kamala Harris who shut down the US Economy, and who has sent this One Time Great Nation down the Toilet. . Will these two losers be able to CHEAT AGAIN with their phoney of million of votes in November and once again Steal the Election. . Do you think your vote in 2024 is really going to matter?
The democratic lovers of the CCP will be the destruction of the US economy. Adding, as they plan, $5 Trillion in new debt this year will likely cause the US dollar to lose it’s status as the world reserve currency. And do think that the 10's of Millions of Illegal’s that they have already brought into our Country has already killed the Greatest Nation that the world has even seen, and had? The choice is to either reopen, and bring back the economy, and CLOSE the border from these ILLEGAL Invaders who are bringing in Disease, Filth, Drugs, and CRIME , will or destroy the Country, , So think of all this when you enter the Voting booth ... Think about what XiHarris and XiBiden are doing to our Beloved America.