Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Going off the rails


But First, A Feel Good Story – Wyoming Tech

Trade schools are important, IMO, but too often have been scams. This one fell into that morass but has been saved and is once again thriving. 


“Gun” Control, mindsets, and priorities

A relative recently started a conversation and then heatedly declined to debate. The facts I presented shut her down. This was not a victory. She didn’t change her mind at all.

This relative is an intelligent person, high energy, not afraid of work and accomplished. She is also a completely woke university administrator who has drunk deeply of the kool-aide.

 People like her don’t recognize, or accept, an inalienable right. What they want is for all guns to go away. If that can’t happen immediately, they want to make owning firearms as difficult and expensive as possible. Lawfare on steroids if that is an appropriate analogy.

While they expend energy fighting the ‘good fight’ and feeling righteous they can ignore real and present problems. Problems that can be mitigated with focused, likely painful, effort. Illicit drugs. This article explores teenage drug overdose deaths.


Doesn’t confronting this problems means confronting the source, the importation, border security, and society mindsets?

Meanwhile, in Colorado.


“We’re not going to incarcerate ourselves out of this,” said state Sen. Tom Sullivan, a Centennial Democrat and one of the legislature’s fiercest gun safety voices. His son, Alex, was murdered in the 2012 Aurora theater shooting. ***

***Careless reporting. His son was killed in the Columbine shooting April 29, 1999

Why not, Senator? Double the costs of the state prison system, incarcerate more criminals for longer periods, and watch crime rates go down. Just might save money overall and likely to improve lives of law abiding people. A disproportionate impact on “people of color”, you say? Equal justice for all includes that portion of the population doing more crime.  What about law abiding “people of color” being able to live safely in their communities? They don’t count?

Great Society and LBJ’s horrible legacy

As a naïve twenty year old soldier, I remember standing in the cold rain at Pioneer Kaserne, Hanau, listening to his speech on a cheap transistor radio. I was moved, elevated and thought, “Yes, this is the world I’m fighting for”. Little did I know.

if black people are going to vote, they might as well vote for democrats as President Lyndon Johnson 1963-1969 was purported to have said about the civil rights act — “I’ll have them niggers voting democrats for 200 years.”

Two things continue to disturb my conscience. First, I’ve always rooted for the underdog having been one much of my life. Second, the world I’m leaving my children and grandchildren. Could I, should I have done more?

 Ah, WSF, go get another cup of coffee and then take your dog for a walk.

As always, YMMV



drjim said...

I didn't know WyoTech was in trouble, let alone they'd been rescued and returned to profitability. Mr. Mathis looks like the right guy to keep it afloat. Shop Classes and Vocational Training were looked down on when I was in high-school. I had to fight to get the General Shop course my Freshman year. The "counselor" told me that Shop Is For Dummies, and You're Going To College!, which really upset me. When I got home and told my Mom, she said "Wait Until Your Father Gets Home", which was the first time she said that and I didn't cringe. He went to the school and bored the "counselor" a new new one. The next day I was called out of Home Room to see the "counselor", and when I walked in he threw a revised class schedule at me, and said "You got your shop class. Now get out".

Some people, myself included, just don't belong in College, or have no desire to go. And 99% of them are NOT "dummies".

Guns only have two natural enemies. Rust, and politicians.

I have a tape of LBJ giving a departure speech at Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base. I also have an AFRN recorded Bob Hope USO stop with Raquel Welch. She sure was pretty, but completely tone-deaf! Her "songs" were painful to listen to, but that wasn't why she was there.....

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Shop classes in high school kept me halfway sane.

LBJ - What a waste of a human being.

Old NFO said...

Concur on both…

Well Seasoned Fool said...

As a man in my thirties, I wondered why old men were always grumpy. Now I understand.

Wild, wild west said...

Whatever is the sense of being a grumpy old bastid if you can't act like it?

We no longer teach basic human survival skills in high skool. You know, how to balance a checkbook and budget your money and feed yourself by cooking your own dinner and that the effing government works for us, not the other way around.

And yet we are surprised when we get Clown World instead of utopia. How droll.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

My daughter-in-law refers to me as GOB.

Teach basic survival skills in schools? Where will the schools find qualified teachers? (Yes, GOB snark)

LSP said...

America would be a pretty law abiding society if it wasn't for a certain demographic, which must not be named. And good importation link, I was thinking the same and then saw you wrote it.

Of course the saintly asylum seekers in their millions have a tremendous love of the demographic that must not be named.