Friday, February 9, 2024

"Gun" Control. Yeah, That Will Work

Firearm control hypocrisy- Ronald Reagan edition

  "The Mulford Act was passed really directly in response to the Black Panther Party bearing arms and self-defense legally." The bill limiting the right to openly carry loaded guns was supported by the National Rifle Association and signed into law by then Gov. Ronald Regan in 1967.May 27, 2023

That framework is the basis for many of the ‘gun laws’ enacted since.

Speaking of Regan, to many he was a hero. I’ve always thought he was a bought and paid for shill.

Kindness of Strangers – Banner specific

Several residents of our apartment complex are concerned he may be starving. There are two ‘treat’ stations on our floor. At least three other residents carry treats with them.


Rather than fight the situation, I supply the treats. The wrong treats give him extreme flatulence.

 The joy he and the treat givers enjoy brings smiles and laughs to everyone (except the miserable haters – f**k’em).

 Blasted dog will eat almost anything. So far the only thing he has rejected is garlic stuffed olives.

Give me a home

Urban screwing rural

Wyoming state senator telling it like it is – not that the ‘elites’ will care.


Letter to the Editor – ‘Gun Control’

I will be amazed if it is published. At least one leftist puke will read it before hitting ‘delete’.

Gun Violence.

Once again we see some state legislators feverishly working on gun violence. What a waste of time. Per the FBI published reports, we have an annual firearms death rate of about 80,000 per year in a country of 316,000,000 people. About half are suicides.

We have a crime problem. Criminals use guns, duh. Will criminals obey even more draconian laws?

All the time and energy expended by legislators posturing to their voters, “Look, we are doing something!!!!”, takes away from tackling real problems, like drugs. As an example, how many babies are born each week with drugs in their systems just here in Greeley?

Legislators, let law enforcement deal with gun violence. Tackle real problems instead of posturing and fear mongering.

Red Mountain Pass – Highway 550 – Million Dollar Highway

Some readers may have traveled this road. North out of Durango to Ouray, it is a challenge. A section is at the edge of a canyon with no guardrails. Recently a man ran off the road in a snowstorm and survived


 As always, YMMV


Anonymous said...

I've traveled Red Mountain pass several times. I much prefer it north bound where you are on the solid side. Headed south, it only takes a careless driver to push you off the edge. There are no guard rails, because the road breaks away from time to time. If you've ever done the road up Pikes Peak, there are very few guard rails there as well.

jeff d said...

Red Mountain Pass, Hwy 550. I will give the guy some credit for controlling the descent though being in the wrong place at the wrong time and driving faster than conditions allow (crawling speed) count pretty hard against him.

I look forward to reading all of your Letters To The Editor on your website WSF.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

You need to add a name. This time I won't delete your comment because it is on point. As the blog header says, anonymous comments will be deleted.

jeff d
One problem of being a local resident is getting jaded and that can bite you. I assure you I speak from experience.
Today I needed to take a business trip to Stirling (90 miles). Last night we received 8" of wet snow. That trip will wait until Monday or possibly Tuesday. There is no doubt in my mind I could do the trip. There is no doubt I could find it "challenging".

I don't do many letter. I'm not sure I've ever had one published.

Old NFO said...

Good news for Banner! And I 'thought' about doing that route once, years ago, but was advised against I didn't... :-)

Yeah, letters to the editor from folks like us NEVER get printed!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Letters - a way to vent?
Million Dollar Highway. Ride the stem rain from Durango to Silverton. Drive back to Durango. Going South you are against the mountain.

LSP said...

I've always scorned farm destroying wind farms and the corrupt shill beneficiaries of the new Green World Order.

Reagan? I feel you may have a point, though he looks good now as we've devolved.

drjim said...

Most gun laws stink of the "Do Something!" or "Do It For The Children!" mentality. And although I admire Reagan, I keep forgetting he championed some real stinkers that were passed. Thanks for reminding me.

One of our neighbors always carried biscuits around, and he knew all the neighborhood dogs, and they knew him! Pebbles would go bonkers when she saw him, rolled right over for a tummy scratch, and then sat pretty for her biscuit.
Just don't give her any cheese. Please....

God Bless Senator Case. Very good article.

I avoid roads like that if I can.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I would carry treats for Pebbles. Very good dog you have.

I'm too cynical for my own good. The only President I admired was Gerald Ford. He stepped into a horrid situation and did his best. His best was, IMO, damned good.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

All other considerations aside, my problem with wind farms is they make no economic or environmental sense.

Wild, wild west said...

My FFL's pooch loves the UPS driver because he carries doggie treats and despises the Fred-Ex driver because he does not. After learning that, I started bringing treats when visiting and that dang dog recognizes the sound my truck makes from a quarter mile away. I forgot once and the looks she gave me were not complimentary, for sure a case of a young dog teaching an old guy new tricks.

I'll be out that direction this summer and have now added the 550 drive to the agenda. Thanks for the heads up, WS. Not for nothin' this time of year, though.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

A treat hound is something else to watch.

An interesting two day drive I will recommend is Alamosa to Creede then to Lake City and on to US 50. Stop and see the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. Onward to Montrose, a good RON stop.
From Montrose go to Silverton then via Red Mountain Pass to Durango. Durango back to Alamosa.

Just under 500 miles and some fine scenery.

Wild, wild west said...

Now that is a very useful tip, Sir. Had to go to Wyoming and SLC last June and took a little time to run US 50 west of Ely, Nevada allegedly "the loneliest road" in America with a big loop back thru Fallon and Tonopah before returning to Ely and taking 50 back to my AO in central Kansas. Point being, there wasn't near enough time to stop and look around at things much, so the plan this year is to allow more time and reverse the itinerary, more or less.

And that sounds like a good addition to the trip, thanks muchly.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Years past had many trips on Hwy 50 in Nevada. Always started with a full tank.