Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Advice: Never let the same snake bite you twice


Wyoming in one picture

Down the Unicorn Trail – Green Energy Edition

Hydrogen may someday replace petroleum fuels with an emphasis on may. Toyota, for one, is betting it will.

Producing hydrogen is complicated with carbon dioxide, the environazis whipping boy, often a byproduct. There are some promising alternatives.


Noted in this article is the use of ruthenium, a rare earth mineral from the platinum family. Past blogs have covered rare earth deposits in Wyoming, hence my interest. 

Platinum Group Elements, or PGEs, are a group of six metallic elements with similar chemical and physical properties that are often found together: platinum (Pt), palladium (Pd), iridium (Ir), osmium (Os), rhodium (Rh), and ruthenium (Ru)

My contrarian nature immediately wonders where the supply of sufficient quantities of water  will come from. Can sea water be used? Other sources of non potable water?

Will there be byproducts and will they be pollutants?

What burns my ass? Fucking politicians

Due to gerrymandering and slick maneuvering Kevin Priola is my State Senator. He has never faced the voters in the district created to protect his turncoat ass. Once an Adams County Rino he did have the decency to changes his party affiliation. He is part of the idiots determined to stop petroleum extraction in Colorado.


Just to affirm they are caring, they plan to set aside monies to help displaced oil patch workers find other employment. How nice of them. This cynic says the only jobs created  will be for those party hacks administering the programs.

Things that make you go Hmmm – self driving vehicles


Beg s the question of what is more dangerous? A drunk, or a self driving vehicle?

Colorado Primary – (P)regressive Fail

Trump is on the ballot and Jena Griswold (Secretary of State) has made an ass out of herself on the national stage. Does it matter? Californicated Colorado is so blue Trump’s chances of carrying the state in a general election is about the same as the Dallas Cowboys playing in the Super Bowl.

About the click bait title. Recently there was a scuffle between two residents. I was sitting three feet away looking directly at the participants. Now some residents are trying to keep the issue alive with more and more lurid stories. My eyewitness account is now being diminished as, “taking sides”.

The umbrage locker is  empty, for now.  As always, YMMV


Old NFO said...

Interesting little set of tracs on that SUV. Yes, gerrymandering is becoming the norm rather than the exception to 'keep' certain folks in office. And of course you're NOT a reliable witness, you're an old white male!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Lots of glitches with those tracs but they do give the police some options. They are fairly quick on and off.

In our building, if you count Hispanic as white, we have no minorities living here at the moment. I've pissed off the screech owls because I give testimony to the truth. In addition, my statements that being an "at risk" senior isn't a hall pass to be an asshole ruffled feathers.

drjim said...

I agree with tracks. One of the Hamfests (a radio swap meet) I went to in the 4H building at The Ranch had a Honda 4x4 modified with some pretty BIG tracks. They used it for SAR, and said it hasn't let them down yet.

Hydrogen isn't that good of an idea for a passenger car fuel. It's hard to store, burns with a nearly invisible flame, and the current storage methods don't store enough to give decent range. And then there's the infrastructure.......

Read about the Wyoming deposits. Nice to have, but will probably face a huge uphill fight to get developed. Geez.....whatever happened to "States Rights"?

Got ballots yesterday, and they're almost filled out. Still have to dig a bit on some of the candidates and issues, but the big ticket items are filled out.

Sounds like the "Pick A Little, Talk A Little" song from The Music Man!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I think there are plans for three hydrogen fueling station to be built in Colorado somewhere around 2025. I leave it to you engineers to understand the complexities.

One promising rare earth deposit is on private property and another is on land owned by Wyoming. Won't stop the environazis from putting up roadblocks. What is the saying? "If you are up to your ass in alligators........" Fewer alligators if the Feds can't get directly involved.

Back in the day had some experience with Tucker Snocats and can see great advantages in comfort and utility with temporary snow tracs.

The building I live in is a petri dish for idle hands and minds.

jeff d said...

How can Colorado ignore federal laws on marijuana though Wyoming cannot get around other federal laws? Historically, if there is real value there, the law will be ignored.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

jeff d
Good question. No answer here.Colorado shares borders with seven states. Only New Mexico and Arizona have leagalized weed. Colorado only borders Arizona at the Four Corners. Doper buy their shit in Colorado and the LEOs in the other states lie in wait to catch them.

Wild, wild west said...

If perchance you are on I-70 in Kansas, be warned that KHP runs radar on eastbound traffic much more attentively than west bound. I'm sure that's just a fluke, of course......but eastbound travelers would be well advised to hold the speed down lest they find themselves on the side of the road getting inspected for contraband, if any.

I haven't noticed that pattern on I-80 in Nebraska near as much, BTW.

Some years back, a sharp-eyed Kansas trooper noticed an eastbound vehicle that at first glance appeared to be a highway department pickup. But something about the paint or stickers didn't look quite right to him. Sure enough, it was faked up and full of illicit vegetable material. Ooopsie!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I'm aware of KSP and some of their tactics, i.e, "The Kansas two step".
I do travel I-70 on occasions but take US 34 from Greeley to Hagler, NE, drop down to Hwy 36, Hwy 36 to Atwood, drop down to Colby and I-70.

Usually law enforcement ignores me. Old fart driving a gray Taurus doesn't draw attention.

Wild, wild west said...

They're supposed to be enjoined from their little dance now. But then again, I believe in the Fairey Godmother, too. Haven't seen her since she moved to San Francisco, though....

That's not a bad road to travel. I used to get thru that part of the country frequently but the rhythms of the business changed, and other areas demanded more attention so I go there instead. Still trekking out to Casper annually, but from where I'm at I go north out of Hayes or WaKeeney to I-80 and then break off at Ogalla and follow the Platte west. A little longer but seems more relaxing than fighting Denver. Or for variety, I'll continue north to Broken Bow then west to Alliance and Crawford and etc. I enjoy walking the grounds at Fort Robinson and breathing in the history of the place.

When first exiled to Kansas, I thought WaKeeney must have been some kinda Indian name but then I learned it was named after a pair of land speculators named Warren and Keeney who sold a lot of land to a bunch of farmers who got there just in time to go bust in a big drought. Your daily dose of Kansas history, ha.

LSP said...

Right with you on the pols.