Tuesday, January 18, 2022

What Goes Around Comes Around

The Mainstream Media, or as Bloviating Zeppelin labels American Mainstream Maggots, work for just a handful of companies owned and run by the rich. They, the media, report and/or slant, what they are instructed by their employers. Disagree?

They are opposed by our own 21st Century samizdat, aka The Internet, and a few courageous individuals reporting real news, however inaccurately. From them we learn of the FBI and January 6, and the recent imported fanatic they shot down in Texas (after he served his purpose) and many other perfidious operations by our own government.

OK, WSF, where the hell is this going? Just this. Since WWII our clandestine operations all over the world has left a legacy of tried and proven means and methods to destabilize and disparage those regarded as enemies. A few those blew up for whatever reasons got some publicity but most were, and remain, buried in secure files under lock and key. Pick an Alphabet agency, your choice.

All those tried and proven methods are now being used against the citizens of the United States, IMO. The swamp, stung but not broken by President Trump, is in ascendancy.

Around the world there must be many who were on the losing side of US clandestine operations taking quiet satisfaction in seeing what goes around comes around. They are a resource, if willing to be used, as a source of knowledge of what worked against “us”.

The ugliness is just beginning. To save our Constitutional Republic, we must embrace the ugliness or just roll over.

As always, YMMV

(Securing the pad nearest the stove)

Swiped from Falsebook.


Old NFO said...

Our time IS coming. The question is, is it NOW?

LSP said...

Yes, and I'm with NFO.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

My guess? The swamp needs to overload their ass one or two more times. Stolen election, censoring the internet, and requiring internal passports will be in the mix.

For myself I don't really care. For my son's and grandchildren I do care, deeply.

LL said...

I look at Virginia and the renissance going on there and hope that the pendulum is swinging back.

Amgela said...

Biden says that “Proof of Citizenship, or Voter ID” Is Voter Suppression”!
And I say, Your full of Crap Joey!
And Joey said that requiring Voter ID is in the same realm as "Jim Crow 2.0".... There he goes again.. Everything that the Republicans want, he calls “Racist”, or "Jim Crow”. This is the same clown who also said banning Felons from voting is "Slavery"
But he’s OK with those MILLIOM’S of illegals coming across the border and will find some way to vote in the upcoming 2022 election, and then again in 2024.!
So let me see if I understand this...
There are very strict requirements to provide proof of COVID Vaccination for dining in public ANYWHERE in New York City,. But somehow proving that your citizenship to vote, is voter “Suppression”?
I just can’t understand how or why someone can demand to see proof of vaccination before you can fly anywhere, or go into a restaurant, or do whatever, but voting without ANY proof of citizenship is okay!
Are you kidding me?
Are you not required by law to be a citizen in order to vote?

I’ll tell you what Joey, all that I’m asking for is an explanation of how and why requiring a voter ID equates to voter Suppression. That's all I’m asking! But Joey and his ilk thinks that some of his Voters are too stupid and lazy to get a Free ID,
Your bunch of wise ass’s in Congress and the rest of the Lefties are screaming their bone-heads off about it because “Some” people won’t be able to get photo-copies of their ID’s....., people have from now until November to get some form of acceptable voter ID that ought to be more than enough time. So, why can't they do that? If there are states that do not provide an acceptable and free voter ID, then I have to ask why the democratic party is so hot about voter suppression but won't demand funding to pay for free ID’s. Why aren't they out everywhere making sure that every citizen that wants to vote can get a voter ID? You guys want a Vaccine ID, right? You don’t seem to have any trouble asking everyone to get that! But you don't want everyone to have a voter ID? Why the hell not? Let them get an ID otherwise it’s too damn bad! But your story about VOTER SUPPRESSION is a load of crap.
And even if we do have Voter IDs, these sleazy roaches will figure out another way to “RIG” elections.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I can't disagree. Cynic that I am, I'm not holding my breath. My mean self enjoys the thoughts of (P)regressive anguish of those living in Southern Virginia and working in and around D.C. What next? Attacking Federal graft?

A comment worthy of it's own blog.

Greybeard said...

"Bull Durham" he cries! And "George Wallace!", conveniently forgetting that both were DEMOCRATS.
And I'm sick WSF, because of your "children and grandchildren" comment.
They'll be dealing with some hard times.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

My sons and grand kids will survive. Their genetic makeup comes from tough people going back many generations. I just hate the thought of them facing avoidable hardships.