Monday, September 27, 2021

Conspiracy Nut

 Recently the Air Guard landed a C-130J on Highway 287 North of Rawlins, WY.

This follows a similar Air Guard landing A-10s on a Michigan highway.

What is the big deal? Haven’t our military aircraft operated off highways all over the world for decades?

Our Interstate Highway system was created, in part, for just such a purpose. Mile long straight sections, terrain permitting, were mandated every few miles. Note the “defense” in the original title.

Think the ‘defense’ isn’t real in today’s world? Ask the Seattle area residents every time the Army moves equipment and personnel to/from Ft. Lewis and the Yakima Maneuver Area.

Why now this conspiracy nut wonders? Is it to demonstrate Pelosi, et al, have the means to quickly deploy military assets anywhere in the country anyone dares to start civil disobedience? Certainly that was demonstrated January 6th.

Further, why the Guard units and not regular military? Are Guard units considered more malleable by the powers that be?

May I be excused now? I have tinfoil hats to fabricate.


drjim said...

I could see the Guard doing this *in their own states* to get practice for when it might be needed.

As you say, it's been happening for a while, but it might have been a slow news day that caused it to get picked up.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Two things I'm not sure of. First, if these are the only two exercises of their kind, and are "firsts". Second, I'm not sure just how much interaction goes on between the regular Air Force and the Guard. I'm lead to believe it is more than other Guard units.

Greybeard said...

I joined my Army Reserve unit in '74. By far the MAJORITY of the aviators there were Viet Nam Veterans. Most had more than 2500 hours in helicopters... far more than the guys on Active Duty.
With Iraq/Afghanistan, I don't know if that's the case today. But... I suspect the guys flying those Guard/Reserve A-10's are highly qualified in that machine.
And when asked to use them against the civilian populace, I think our government may be surprised.
(Keeping fingers crossed.)

Old NFO said...

Not the first time. Hell Navy birds have done entire deployments operating off 'highways' overseas. And we did most of a deployment through Thailand back in the day flying off the taxiway at the base due to a rather large hole in the runway.

LSP said...

I will say this, the troops aren't too keen on the present power. Just sayn. And yes, anything's on the table at this point.

Off topic but... what happens when we can afford to fix the highhways or PAY THE TROOPS. Issue, right?

Well Seasoned Fool said...

During Vietnam, the Colorado Air Guard flying F-100s were activated. They earned a reputation for putting ordinance on target closer to our troops than anyone else. The other impact was on the then Frontier and Continental Airlines. Not enough pilots.

Long enough and firm enough, that is all that is needed.

Towards the end of his second term the Lightbringer found cheers in his presence were muted.

LL said...

I'm with the rest of the commenters. It's good practice.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Just because I'm paranoid, etc.