Sunday, June 13, 2021

They Can't Connect the Dots


Several seniors gathered together in our common room were moaning about soaring prices. When I introduced the theme things were much better under President Trump, several brainwashed Democrats jumped (verbally) on me. Game on!

I held up one example, the price of a 32 oz “Family Size” bag of shredded cheese that last year was $4.99 and last week was $7.99.

“Oh, it isn’t President Biden’s fault; all our problems are caused by COVID!”

Yeah, keep believing that, sheeple.

Most of the residents of this 90 unit senior apartment building are on fixed incomes; their suffering going forward will become acute. Many rely on the Weld County Food Bank now for most of their needs.

Going forward I’m going to avoid these kinds of conversations. Few, if any, minds will be changed (including mine!). Rather, facts will only increase their distress.

My Dad was a proponent of the Belly Flapping Principal. Nothing will change a person’s attitude quicker than a flapping belly (hunger).

Going forward with the (P)regressives calling the shots, I forecast many converts to my Dad’s philosophy.

As always, YMMV


RHT447 said...

My next bumper sticker--

"Dry feet and full bellies for too long".

The Spartans knew this.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

LOL. My Dad would have liked that.

drjim said...

People's perspective change when they haven't had a decent meal in weeks...

Well Seasoned Fool said...

My Dad's point exactly.

Howard Brewi said...

I agree but since I’m on a fixed income but have a big garden, my daughter and I are planting extra potatoes for us and to share with needy neighbors if things keep going down hill. We live in really rural, road system Alaska so we are at near the end of the supply line. The only ones further out are the bush villages who have to fly in fresh stuff and barge in fuel and such. It’s more than 200 miles to Costco and the nearest big box stores and gas is up more than $1.00 since January.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

You will survive. It is going to be grim in the inner cities I fear.

LSP said...

I've been struck by soaring prices at the Made In China Mart. Like, no kidding. It doesn't impact me because I need very little, though I'm mad I can't buy affordable steak once a month. But others? No joke if you've got a family and all the rest of it.

When and if the revolution comes, our Oligarchical Overlords will run for the nearest offshore haven. Look for a bull market in disguise, wigs, moustaches, faux peasant costumes etc.

Smart people are laying in ammo, if they can find it.