Friday, May 13, 2016

A World Without Borders

What follows is a personal political rant. You have been warned and may choose to move along.

Our current hack of a Secretary of State, the Viet Nam War hero turned Viet Nam War liar, gives a commencement speech where he states the ultimate goal is a world without borders. Pissed on the graves of every man and woman who died protecting our borders from foreign despots, he did.

Time after time Democrat Senators, and some Republicans, vote to cede portions of our national sovereignty to the United Nations. Sovereignty paid for by blood and sacrifice, and these smug elites just give it away.

For many years I was active in the Democrat Party. Yet, holding my nose, I’ve voted for the GOP Presidential candidate the last two times. Hell being a Blue Dog Democrat these days. Now I don’t even bother going to any Democrat functions and I seem to vote for the GOP candidates. I voted against Sen. Udall, and I will vote against Sen. Bennett. Damn me if I ever vote for someone giving away our sovereignty.

So, WSF, you are a Republican. Hell no. When I think of Republicans, I see Karl Rove, Grover Nordquist, and the rest of the “I’ve got mine, fuck you, and I will get yours too” crowd. Next up are the Evangelicals who care less about the Constitution than the Lightbringer (the S.C.F.O.A.M.F).

So where am I? Probably an old, burned out populist with anarchists tendencies.

I’m warming up to Donald Trump on the basis he can’t be worse than what we have. I’m firmly in the camp of anybody but Shillary.

My suggestion to Mr. Trump for his first hundred days is to take all of the social justice warriors in the military, and all the ones on the government payroll, form them into a task force and send them to Syria. There, they can teach the local population on social justice values.

Off subject entirely, something I saw on Facebook that made me laugh. This is for all the veterans.

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