Saturday, May 21, 2016

Justice Served

You read of long drawn out court cases with criminals escaping justice for years. So I was pleased to read of this mope getting convicted 17 months after the deed.

This is lightning fast compared to many places in the country.

Sometimes it happens faster.

The dog was found and reunited with the owner. The perp was a known gang member.

A lot of crime flows through LaSalle, Evans, and Greeley on US 85. Since Weld County Deputy Brownlee was killed a few years ago trying to take into custody a mope instead of just shooting the asshole, the LEOs in the area don't take chances.

Several police involved shootings have demonstrated excellent marksmanship.

This one stick in my mind.

A Weld County officer calls my sister "Mom". We had breakfast with the couple that morning. The restaurant is next to the crime scene. A cleared firearm was still lying in the alley. Of course, the scene was enclosed with crime scene tape and an officer was guarding the crime scene.

Overall, the LEO community in this area is competent and professional. As always, there are a few badge heavy assholes who should be working merchant security instead of law enforcement.

One thing is certain. Show a firearm and they will shot you. More power to them.

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