Thursday, May 26, 2016

I'm a Doper

Colorado has legal marijuana. The legal locations seem to be in the 1890’s bordello sections, those small incorporated area next to larger incorporated area, that are much more “flexible” toward businesses frowned on by the local movers and shakers.

My sister recommended a salve offered by the local emporium.

Bought some ($40 for about 4 oz) and used it on my knees. It is helping. Long term may  better than my daily 10,000 mg of MSM and two tablespoons of coconut oil  although I will continue those.

The quacks keep talking about knee replacements. Yeah, when I’m reduced to crawling.

The place is exceptional clean. The armed security and controlled access isn’t something you see elsewhere. Two checks of my photo idea. Cash only, please.

The last time I smoked some herb was around 1970 so I’m not up to date on pricing. The place offers from grams to ounces. Prices on an ounce was $250 to $350. That money would buy a nice quantity of quality sour mash, just saying.

Good thing the place is isolated from the surrounding area. The smell is noticeable. I could visualize long term LEOs sniffing and frowning.

During my short time there, I noticed a mix of customers you might see at Wal-Mart. They did seem to have enough sense to leave the premises before firing up.
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