Monday, July 27, 2015

Enforce the Law

Seems the people who hate firearms are all butt hurt  that restrictive laws passed are not being enforced. Examples include New York and Connecticut where owners are required to register their “assault weapons” (whatever the hell that is) and are not in huge numbers. Some estimates range as high as 90% non compliance. This cannot be allowed to continue!

Since the police are already stretched thin, and seem reluctant to enforce these laws, I recommend the firearm control proponents be drafted into formations along the lines of Sheriff Posses, given some training, and be sent door to door to check for illegal firearm possessions. This could be part time work and even be given a stipend.  Imagine how good they will feel about themselves after walking the walk instead of just talking the talk. Perhaps Bloomberg could put up some bucks to get this started and offer himself as a leader.

Yes, I think this is my best idea to date! After all, what could go wrong?
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