Thursday, April 30, 2015

Must Be Spring

We are seeing a profusion of the unofficial State flower on routes driven daily.

After six days of steady rain, everything is turning green. The rain, though I had to postpone some plans, was perfect for the crops and plant life in general. Soft, even rain around 2" per day. The Platte is running a bit high but clear, a good sight.

Lots of soft sweet smells as the leaves open and the flowering bushes bloom. Then, there is the aroma of freshly manured fields.

Birds are back, if they ever left, and lots of chirping.

There is an interesting piece of public art between the town Recreation Center  and Senior Center. A tribute to the agriculture in the area I suppose.

Decided to join the Senior Center. My health insurance has a "Silver Sneaker" benefit and my $22 annual Senior Center dues gives me free access to the Recreation Center. Way past time to start focusing on my physical fitness and start meeting new faces.
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