Sunday, April 26, 2015

Good Dog

Hope I haven't violated any copyright laws posting  this. Certainly not my intention. Just want to share some humor.

My parents had a small (emphasis on small) ranch along the Yampa River in Northwest Colorado. They had a dog someone had “gifted” them, a Weimaraner  named “Chip”.

My senior year I had a car and often got home before my parents. One winter day I came home to find the REA (Rural Electrification Association) meter reader sitting on top of his pickup with Chip calmly on his haunches at the truck door.

The man was seriously pissed off, and cold. Words were spoken as to harboring a vicious dog and reports to the sheriff, etc.

I pointed out his footprints in the snow and told him had he got out of his truck, read the meter, and got back in his truck he wouldn't have had a problem. His tracks clearly showed he had gone snooping around the yard, shed, and machinery.

As he was about to leave, I slapped the roof of my car and called out, “Chip”! The dog was on the roof in one jump.

Good dog, was Chip.
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