Sunday, August 24, 2014

Colorado Produce

Colorado grows some excellent foods and my favorites are Olathe sweet corn, Rocky Ford cantaloupes, and Palisade peaches. Summer treats.
Today I'm enjoying some Palisade peaches, picked ripe from the tree, along with some pears from the same place.

Sadly, the cantaloupes may soon be a memory. A listeria outbreak last year hurt their reputation. Hail storms this year. The biggest threat is Front Range municipalities buying up water rights. 

In the years we lived in Washington State, I would send my sister a box of Walla Walla sweet onions and she would send me Rocky Ford cantaloupes. Most assuredly made no sense economically. One year UPS lost track of the melons. When the box was finally delivered, the melons were a bit ripe, as in, dripping from the box ripe.

For now, will enjoy the day and the good food it brings.


Old NFO said...

Love peaches, and there is nothing better in the summer than home made peach ice cream! :-)

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I'll vote for that.