Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Colorado Democrats $21 Million Mistake

From Colorado Peak Politics.

Colorado Progressives greeted marijuana legalization with great joy as a new tax stream. A "sin" tax that would painlessly raise great sums. Lower law enforcement and prison  costs as drug dealers were forced out of business because their customers would flock to the legal outlets.  Hasn't worked out like they planned.

One problem is the still illegal status under federal statutes, and the reluctance of the banking industry to service the pot businesses. The other problem, not talked about, is the already established illegal pot dispensing business.

Street prices for weed, I'm told, is about half the retail outlets. Weed dealers will deliver right to your home. Depending on the dealer, credit may be extended. Dealers will accept goods for payment, without all the pesky paper work of more traditional fences, i.e., pawn brokers.

The dealers do face obstacles. After all, they are criminals, and don't restrict their illegal activities to being unlicensed pharmacists. That, along with their douchebag personas, bring them unwanted LEO contact. That is about the only way they get caught.

One clear lesson, at least to me, is enterprise will beat regulation, every time.

In case inquiring minds want to know, my last toke was around 1970.

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