Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Racism, Right in Front of Me!!!!

Dear Road Rage Driver,

I’m sure the police were messing with you solely, as you claimed vocally several different ways, because of your Latino ethnicity.

You driving like a damn fool, forcing two different drivers (including me) to swerve into the breakdown lane, had nothing to do with it.

I didn’t want to get involved in your drama, but one of the officers in the police cruiser waved me over, and asked for my information. Perhaps I will be called as a witness at some point.

As I passed your vehicle, with you in cuffs behind it, I noticed the gold marijuana leaf on the mardi gras beads necklace hanging from your rear view mirror. I could see it only because your overly tinted window was down. In addition to your driving, did these items cause some suspicion that prompted those racist police officer’s further investigation? Nah, pure racism.

As I departed the area two more police cars were pulling up. That usually means someone is going to jail. Perhaps you have had past dealings with the criminal justice system? Perhaps one of those pesky warrants for failure to appear?

So sorry for your victimization. Sucks to be you.


Well Seasoned Fool
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