Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How To Ruin a Good $20 Drunk

A rock slide has closed Highway 24 in Colorado between Minturn and Red Cliff, CO.


Not reported was the involvement of a 24 year old female whose vehicle was hit by the rock slide. She escaped unharmed, but was subsequently charged with DUI.

Authorities have not verified that she was a local, or from Dutch Harbor, AK.

This is one of the more challenging roads in Colorado. You can find the scene at Google Earth.

Lat     39°  33’ 22.70 N
Long  106° 23’ 49.23 W

Last year one lane of Highway 24 collapsed into an abandoned railroad tunnel.

Rail fans may recognize this as the Tennessee Pass route from Dotsero, CO via Leadville and the Royal Gorge to Pueblo, CO. The Union Pacific closed the route after acquiring the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad.


  1. Oh Wow... NOT the thing you want to see coming around the curve... Much less at Night!!!

    1. That is a nasty road. Went up it (much easier Suthbound) one night in a heavy snowstorm while pulling a flatbed trailer loaded with a 3/4 ton pickup. Glad I didn't need to do that on a regular basis.

  2. Are they sure that she was drunk before the slide? If I had hit that and had any booze in the car, It would have been consumed...quickly.

    1. Had the same though. Probably investigated by the Colorado State Patrol. They write everything and everyone; let the criminal justice system work it out.
      Once saw them write a ticket on I-70, mile marker 2 - two miles from the Utah line.

  3. Never ran across a slide during my trucking days as I ran mostly in the relatively little hills of the northeast but, I put down a few skid marks coming around a curve, finding a horse drawn carriage with an orange triangle on the back in the middle of my lane!!

  4. Love the Amish! Besides, the flat spots on your tires will buff out.