Friday, April 4, 2014

Stormy 1963

Your indulgence please while I post something of interest to family and friends who knew my parents. My uncle Lyall Bright took thousands of 35 mm photos mounted as slides. Recently a cousin has started converting some to digital format. This is a picture of my late father and a foal he named Stormy.

Stormy's dam was a purebred Arabian and the stud an Appaloosa. As he grew older, he turned chestnut, white, and black. Pretty horse. However, he was never healthy and had to be put down. My father skinned the carcass and had the hide tanned. Used it as a throw piece on a couch while muttering about getting something to show for thousands in vet bills.

Shame, as the horse had a nice personality and moved well. Of course, he was as spoiled as a rich broad's poodle.

Now, about that fence. This was taken after I left the ranch. That fence never looked like that when I lived there.

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