Saturday, February 1, 2014

Too Many Generals, No Leaders


"Now we learn, nearly 100 launch officers at Malstrom AFB Montana have been decertified and taken off watch duty. That's nearly 20% of the entire force."

This is leadership failure at the highest level. Old saying, "The fish starts stinking from the head down".

The late Col. David Hackworth often wrote about "perfumed princes", political flag rank officers more concerned about their careers than their service. This mess shows again the absolute danger these asshats put this country, they are sworn to defend, in.

With all the draw downs and cuts that weaken our military posture, the one thing that gives our enemies terror are missiles that can hit a soccer field in Moscow, Peking, or Qom from our secure land bases and submarines. Now this is becoming a hollow shell; not that B.O. has the stones to use them, push come to shove.

There are many military jobs that don't get the glamour and public acclaim. Not everyone can be a SEAL or fighter pilot.  They are still vital. It is leadership that keeps the men and women filling these roles both able and proud. They aren't getting that. Heads should roll but won't until we get a new administration, if then.

P.S. I know the difference between Peking and Beijing. Screw the Maoists.

But enough, time for some humor.


Old NFO said...

You hit the nail on the head with that one...

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Thank you. Wish it wasn't so.

Scotty said...

It's nothing new. I may have mentioned it before. The CO of our infantry company in Vietnam and the E-7 Sargent of my platoon were always writing commendations for each other. Officers and higher ranking NCO's made awards of bronze stars and silver stars a joke, even back then. The commanding ranks have become almost as political as any Senate or Congressional office. The Pentagon is full of 'em.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I firmly believe their are despots in this world who would attack this country in a heart beat. They don't because they wouldn't survive. These petty little asshole perfumed princes (and princesses) jeopardise everything and everyone I care about.

The symbols of valour acquired by deceit diminish the recipient, not the symbol.