Monday, February 17, 2014

Out of The Blue; Wham!

Enjoying a peaceful evening, doing some light reading (Gone to Texas, The Vengeance Trail of Josey Wales by Forrest Carter), when the cell rings. It is my youngest son letting me know one of my grandsons is in the hospital because of a horrible traffic accident.

Grandson appears to be in good condition but needed to stay overnight for observation.

Dugway is an isolated US Army installation West-southwest of Salt Lake City, and forty seven miles from the nearest town of any size. Nearly all of the five hundred or so residents are active duty Army or their dependents. You might say it is the ultimate in a gated community. Access is highly regulated. Civilian employees live off post with the nearest town thirty miles away. By nature and necessity, it is a very tight interconnected community; the ultimate small town.

Beyond concern for my grandson, his parents, and brothers and sisters, is the concern for the impact this will have on the community. What a ghastly situation. My son and daughter in law are strong people and will deal with whatever life hands them, but this will leave a mark.

Once again, I’m reminded one’s life can be altered in a heartbeat.

Please, I'm not trolling for sympathy. If you feel like it, please offer a prayer for all those hurt.


  1. One need not worry about trolling for sympathy in these're a grandparent and we other grandparents understand. Will shall pray.

  2. I hope for the best possible outcome for everyone involved. It sounds horrendous and ugly and scary. I am glad your grandson seems to be okay.

  3. Prayers for your grandson and his family. Also, praying for the families of those hurt or killed. So sad

  4. Thanks all. Grandson has a concussion, scrapes, and bruises but will be ok. Of the parents in the van, the driver is terrible injured, and the mother deceased. Three of the children will need surgery for broken bones, mainly limbs. The adults were close personal friends of my daughter in law and son. Likewise, the parents of the other children.

  5. Thoughts and prayers WSF- and you're right, that will tear that community up...

    1. They are doing the usual things. Candlelight vigil, etc. Offical Utah report out. Seems the minivan was in an acceleration lane and a SUV was in his blind spot. As the van merged into the traffic lane, the SUV essentially "pitted" the minivan and the van spun out, crossed into the opposite traffic lane, and collided with a Subaru.