Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sloppy, FOX Sports, Very Sloppy

Sloppy reporting by FOX during the Super Bowl. They reported Seattle’s only professional championship was won by the Seattle Supersonics. 

The ladies are pissed. The Seattle Storm WNBA has won their sport’s championship twice.
Then there were the 1917 Stanley Cup winners.

I don’t understand the world of professional soccer in the USA, but the Seattle Sounders have won three US Cups.

With all the time they had to prepare, you would think the FOX crew could do their due diligence. Inquiring minds wonder if they assumed the Broncos would win and didn’t think it would matter?

Actually, I don’t really care; just like to stir the pot.

During the 70’s, the Supersonics practiced in a gym at the vacant Nation Guard complex in the Magnolia area. Several social services agencies had offices there where my then wife was a volunteer.

One evening she had the following to say.

“Every time I’m at the Northwest Center, there are men playing basketball in the gym. You can’t believe how big they are, but all they do is play basketball. Don’t any of them have jobs?”

Woman has a MENSA level I.Q. and the common sense of a potato. Since I married her, what does that say about my smarts?
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