Friday, February 7, 2014

A Stubborn Citizen Wins

For a reader who likes these kinds of posts.

In the area where I went to high school, there was a ranch family well known for their stubbornness. Maybe, not just stubborn, but bat shit crazy stubborn.

The sons were good athletes, wrestlers, who won state championships. The eldest placed 2nd in the AAU Nationals as a high school senior. This was before Title IX, so who knows what the daughters could have accomplished. Poor girls, it took a very brave teenager to date them. One fall, the two oldest boys bet each other who would be the first to put on a shirt when it got cold. Neither would give in. As soon as they got home, coats and shirts came off. Finally, about December, their mother put an end to their contest.

The oldest, some years after graduating from high school, got a speeding ticket from the town jackass (who later went to prison for theft). Angry, he hired a lawyer to fight a $10 ticket.

The lawyer did some research, and found the town was never legally incorporated although operating as a town for 70+ years, and, for legal purposes, didn’t exist. Ticket dismissed. The uproar from that was hilarious, as the town fathers and city lawyer scrambled to gain legal status. Folks started demanding their taxes be paid back. Many traffic offenses were appealed. Sure made for an interesting winter.

The traffic scofflaw wasn’t too popular with a lot of people. His response was the Hawaiian love salute.


Ami said...

I'm still dealing with lawyers. And my stubborn is finally coming out.
I got a letter today wanting to discuss settlement.
Unless we're talking millions, fuck that.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Trying to settle with someone who isn't desperate for money tilts the old playing field. Hang tough!

Old NFO said...

Oh, not anybody I know... :-)

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Wasn't me. My brush with the city ordinances involved a bucking horse during a 4th of July Parade. My defense was I was on a mare, not a horse. No, didn't work. $5 fine plus court costs (more than the fine).

Old NFO said...

LOL... Better a mare than a stallion that finds a mare in heat!!!!